6 things I did to improve the value of my life


If you aren’t a regular your probably not aware that I haven’t posted in two weeks but if you are a regular reader, sorry I left you in the dark for two weeks.

I experienced my first writers block. I just didn’t know what to write and then the things I thought I could write about I told myself no one would read and all those types of things. So today I am back, with an update and six things I have implemented over the last couple of years to change my life for the better.

Firstly, I have just been up to Exmouth for a holiday with my friend Tayla and it was just what I wanted/needed/craved. Limited phone service, small community, waves, bulk ocean time, hot weather and good company. The last couple of weeks have been a little stressful so I was really craving a little shut off and that’s exactly what the 10 days were. Even though the last couple of days I have spent feeling like I have just stood off a boat for a month – I am finally feeling charged up and ready to go again.

In the last couple of years I have been on a mission to make my life more purposeful and on my path of happiness. I wanted to live every day happy and on purpose. Now don’t get me wrong, I am far from perfect and still make mistakes as well as having some off days. I am human. But my main aim is to live the life I want to.

We have the power to change our life. We can do anything we want.

Sometimes these statements seem so crazy. Like ‘I can’t leave my job, I’ll be on the streets’. This may have some truth to it. But who said you can’t find your dream job and do that to keep you off the streets?

We sometimes do what society leads us to think we need to do. Go to school, go to university, get a job, stay there until you have children, retire, go around Australia in a camper van and then be great grandparents. Doesn’t seem that bad does it?

When I finished school, I was accepted into a university in Melbourne to study public relations. I put it on hold for a year while I travelled around WA thinking I’d return in a year. I ended up cancelling the university degree pretty early into my travels as I realised it wasn’t what I actually wanted to study and for some extra info, I didn’t do amazingly well in school – I kind of sucked at tests. I did get two A’s but the rest, well I don’t want to say but you can imagine.

I knew I wanted to travel, float around and just do what ever the heck I wanted to do. At first I felt bad for this. I got bored easy and always wanted to see new places. I ended up living in one small rural town for about 3 years. There was a part of me that loved it, but there was a part of me that didn’t. Especially towards the end of the 3rd year, I was beyond ready to leave. I’d stayed for too long and it started to not sit well with my values of freedom. So I moved to Europe.

Since then, I knew one of my values is freedom and especially freedom to travel and adventure. Coming to understand this has helped me live on my purpose since. As well as not feeling bad for floating around like I do.

Another thing I discovered is that I can work doing what I want. Now the vision has changed a few times, but it was all in perfect alignment for where I am now. Remember the story about the housekeeping?

Once I realised my purpose for being on the planet and for what service – everything just aligns and feels good.

After discovering these few little aspects about me here are the 6 things I’ve been working on to change my life, for the better.

Understanding your values.

What do you value the most? Maybe you haven’t thought about this before – now is a great time.
Stick to these and don’t sway. When you sway – your heart starts to become un-happy.

I truly value freedom. This is to travel, move and adventure when I want. I also value financial freedom to be able to do what I want when I want. I also value community, relationships, wellbeing, environment and education. These have swapped and changed over time and depending where I am at but for this current moment these are where my values stand.



Release the control you want over everything. Surrender to the universe and trust that if you are following your purpose the universe will take care of you. Don’t be so god damn stubborn. Let things in your life flow. Things will flow in and things will flow out. It is all to be as it is.

You should know, this is a recent learning for me. To completely release the control and know that everything I do is going to work out. It is harder than it seems. We are kind of wired to try and be in control of everything. We want to have that power – but we just need to take a chill pill and follow our hearts.

Surrender the thoughts of where you think you should be. This word should gives a sense of guilt. Get rid of it. Don’t use it.

Also, surrender the pressure you have on others to be perfect. Whether that’s me, your friends, your partner or your family members, release the pressure you are putting on them. They can feel it and it is uncomfortable. Let them be on the path that they are on, without judgement. This will allow you to love them more and appreciate them for everything they are. Rather than what you think they¬†should be.

Surrender and enjoy what is in your present. It’s not called the present for no reason, it truly is a gift.


Read. Educational books.

This has been where all my mind blown moments have happened. Reading has provided me this outsiders look, into my life to reflect, assess and direct me to where I want to be. A couple of years ago I made a pact with myself to read a book a month. Sometimes I read one and sometimes I read two because I haven’t finished the one I started.

The more you start to learn, the more you realise you don’t know.

I have written a blog on the books that have already changed my life, but I think I am due for a new one so let me know if that is something you’d like to read about.


Meditate daily.

The thing about meditation is people think that something out of this world is going to happen when you mediate once. People also think that you feel absolutely transformed after one session. I am here to tell you the truth. Meditations benefits are shown in your life when you practice daily. There’s no if or buts about it.

After one session you may feel relaxed. Then again, you may also feel frustrated. There is also no one perfect way to meditate. There are many different ways and what works for someone may not resonate or work for you. Meditation is something for yourself. Don’t compare how one person does it and think that is the only way. Also don’t judge your experience, each practice will be different. Sometimes you’ll hear all the noises, your inner voice wont shut up and you can’t stop scratching. Then there may be times where you cry, laugh, feel like you leave your body or get tingles. It just depends.

Practicing meditation has allowed me to have clear thoughts. I can see my thoughts from the outside. This allows me to not overthink the small things and evaluate the bigger things. I also have a calmer reaction to situations in life and not a lot phases me. Without my daily practice I am just not myself. I become slightly stressed, on edge, a little grumpy and anxious. So I make sure I meditate at least once a day as well as mindful moments where I just take some deep breaths if I need to center myself.


Be aware of my ego and others.

There is one thing of being aware of others ego, but knowing where your own ego sits is more important.

It is good to know where others egos are at because then it’s easy not to be bothered by peoples personalities. People can really annoy us and they can make or break us. I have left jobs because the people drive me crazy. I have also stopped surrounding myself with people who’s ego runs their world. Knowing that peoples actions, words and personalities can come from ego allows you to be at peace with them. It allows a calmer reaction to those who would usually annoy you.

But then being aware of your own ego when he or she pops in is important to be able to ask why has he/she come to surface and what is the underling message I am to get from this. If a judgmental thought comes in, I am able to ask myself why am I thinking like this. It allows me to check in with my self worth and stay on my path.

Ego is taught to us by others that we have grown beside, what TV we have consumed, the people you’re surround by and what we let society tell us. Ego is judging someone’s outfit, what someone posted on Instagram, how another person looks, the effort they put into their hair style, what car they drive and well basically any judgment or jealously that comes up. Ego also gives us shame in doing something that we really want to do, but we don’t because we don’t want others to judge. Ego comes in so many different aspects – it’s super important to learn where yours is at.


Do something for yourself every single day.

It doesn’t have to be massive and it doesn’t have to be a two hour long morning routine. There is so much chat going around the moment about self love. Self love isn’t just a two hour long morning routine. Self love can be just a oil massage at the end of the day or a 15 minute meditation at lunch time.

We work long days for someone or yourself that it is so important that we do something purely for yourself to fill your love cup up.

Since doing this I have been able to make sure my cup is full. Now do not take this the wrong way, I am human and sometimes my cup does empty and I need to take some days to recuperate and fill her back up. But these days I know exactly what to do to get her filled back up.

Doing something every day doesn’t have to take long, although how great would a 60 minute massage be every single day? I know a bit excessive, but just imagine. I just decide on something that I know my body wants that day. Whether it’s a run in the sun, a face mask, a long yoga session, a 3 minute meditation, an oily self love massage. I also make sure that I meditate at least once – that’s a non-negotiable. While I am doing this daily action I stay present in the moment to be intentionally about filling my cup. If you act as though it’s just a tick off the list – you don’t nearly gain the satisfaction as you should. Be mindful of these moments and really enjoy it to fill your cup.

Those are the six things that I have been really working on to continue improving life. It’s so crazy to think that we just let life happen to us, when really we are in control and we can take more action than we believe to do and be what we truly want.

Please leave a comment on the things that you’re working in, I would love to know how you’re all travelling.

Sending lots of Love + Peace

Teags Lee x

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