How to take radical responsibility for your health

And why you keep falling off the wagon...

Firstly, this ‘on’ and ‘off’ the wagon is one of the reasons you’re falling off it. Because you have the option to be on or off it. If you’re saying that you’re on the wagon, it means that there is the opportunity of falling off it.

Get rid of the ‘wagon’. There is no such thing. (Until you made it a thing). Taking responsibility for your health is just your life. It’s not ‘on a wagon’/’off a wagon’. This is just the next version that you’re calling in. It’s actually what your body truely wants, on a vibrational level. It isn’t a new version of you, it’s your souls desire.


If we give ourself the option we haven’t yet transcended into that version yet. We aren’t fully embodying it yet.

So release the wagon situation.


This doesn’t mean that you can never eat chocolate again. It means that when you do, you’re doing it from a higher consciousness. When you decide on what your highest version looks like, you know that you will be doing the best you can in all situations. You know that life happens and things don’t always go to plan. But you know the action to take as you reflect on what would your highest self would do.

Your individual body has a way that it thrives. No two bodies are the same. Understand this for your own body, fully. Through trial and error, experimenting and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Then fully embody that, that’s your highest version.


Then there is no wagon to be on. You’re just living to your highest demand. Rise to the version you want to be and that your soul is asking of you. 

Secondly, a little bit of tough love. Take responsibility and stop playing victim mentality.

You get to choose what goes into your mouth, you get to decide on what time of the day you go and do your daily movement, you decide on the work you do and how much time that takes up, you get to decide on what your children eat and how many meals you make every dinner. You get to decide.

You decide. If you’re reading this I am assuming you’re an adult. So this is your life that you’re living so start acting like you’re the most important person. Stop making excuses that you can’t do the things to live a healthy life.

A lot of people use time as an example. I get it. You’ve filled your day to the brim and you don’t have time for exercise plus you’re so smashed at the end of a long day right? YES no wonder because you aren’t taking control of your health.

I currently work 12 hour days, yet still manage to find the time and energy to exercise.

I know parents with children and they still find the time to eat well and exercise.

I know business owners that find the time to eat well and exercise.

There are so many excuses you’ve been using and I ask you to look at them and really ask yourself, ‘why am I using this as an excuses’. Then you need to take the responsibility for your life and start making the effort in the right direction.

Only you can make the change. No one is going to keep track of your every movement. Not even me as a coach, I teach you to be self lead and inspired by yourself. 

If you’re wanting and desire coaching, send me a DM on instagram and we can have a chat to see what suits you best.



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