Teags Lee

take a deep breath.

you're becoming your highest self


Movement is key for cultivating energy, embodiment of reconnecting with ourself and shifting our energy and blockages held with in our spirit and body.
Whether it be on the yoga mat, in the gym or walking along the oceanside - finding your daily movement improves your life.


With the right mind you're able to change your habits, move towards health, body, life goals and take care of your core values. We can be our favourite cheerleader, our own motivation & our own inspiration. Our mind is a space we spend a lot of time, so we tend to her regular rituals


The essence of life is to enjoy it, to enjoy every moment and the things you do. Being in a state of strength and flexibility in our bodies and our minds brings the force of creating the life we desire for ourselves.
We are here on this planet in this earth suit to thrive, be a vibe & live the life we desire.

Hey, I’m Teags!

Welcome to my corner of the wide web.

Here we live the life we want, embodying a healthy and holistic approach to life & radiating vitality!

We take care of our temples, connect to our intuition, move our bodies, look within & live our healthiest and happiest lives.

We consciously choose THIS life.

This space is for a community of souls who want more out of life. More health, more happiness, more freedom & more adventure!

Hang around, get in touch and come along and join the journey!

Teags x

1:1 Coaching

Who’s this for?

For those who are wanting some guidance at living their best life! You want to improve all things movement, spiritual connection, nutrition & mindset. You know life has more to squeeze out of it yet you aren’t sure why you’re not doing that just yet.


You’re ready to heal, cultivate a conscious approach to health, to understand your core values and what drives you, to build connection with self & elevate to a state of fulfilment and happiness.

What you get?

60 minute weekly calls, WhatsApp messaging & programming all along the way. Yoga, Meditation, Movement, Nutrition, Cyclical living, Mindset Journalling, Purpose & Core Values.

How much?

8 weeks $ 555

12 weeks $ 888

6 months $ 1555

Simply send me a msg on Instagram and we can get you into the places you’re being called x

> addicted to bettering ourselves <

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