Teags Lee

take a deep breath.

This is a safe place for learning, growing and expanding on all levels.


Movement is key for cultivating energy, embodiment of reconnecting with ourself and shifting our energy and blockages held with in our spirit and body.
Whether it be on the yoga mat, in the gym or walking along the oceanside - finding your daily movement improves your health and happiness.


There are so many things that we don't know in this world therefore we must always be learning to grow. Without learning we become stagnet and unhappy. Challenge yourself with a new mindset, a different perspective and engage in new thoughts. The world's a big place and your health is a large part of it.


The essence of life is to enjoy it, to enjoy every moment and the things you do. Being in a state of strength and flexibility in our bodies and our minds brings the force of creating the life we desire for ourselves.
We are here on this planet in this earth suit to thrive and be vibrant, not to be average and dull!

Hi, I’m Teagan!

I’m a Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher.

I help men and women release their old selves and step into the new.

Through letting go of old thought patterns and unconscious habits to building new healthy lifestyle habits, re-wiring though patterns and embodying a new confidence in their dream temple.

With a complete holistic approach incorporating movement (yoga, training), nutrition, mindset, habits and releasing old thought patterns, together we allow you to be your best self.

Together we dive deep to discover what you truly desire to create in this life.

We can't achieve what we dream of, while remaining with the same habits and thoughts.

What do you need to do right now to increase your vitality?

Are you sick of running the same stories in your mind that you don’t deserve your dream body, that you feel tired and worn out? Are you sick of trying all the latest trends realising that none are working? Are you tired of your own excuses and inconsistency?

Trust me – we have all been there. Then one day the penny drops. You ask for help and you realise it is all possible.

I offer a wide variety of modalities to ensure we can achieve your goals and desires. Whether it’s personal training, a program, a yoga sequence, a group class or a consult. If you’re feeling a little lost and unsure of what you need – send me a message or an email so we can work something out.

Or book a time for a complete Full Health Consult to get to the bottom of all this and start achieving the goals you really dream of.

> addicted to bettering ourselves <

Feel Fucking Good Naked

8 Week Fitness Program
Drop those annoying kilos and have fun doing it!
An actual sustainable fitness program customised to YOU.

- say it with me -
i love who i am becoming
i know my worth
i am capable

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