About the business

The Platform

This Platform is all about creating the lifestyle you crave, while being part of a community of like minded souls.

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I believe that there isn’t a one program fits all so I have a few things to offer to ensure you create the lifestyle you want with the right support.

Personal Training

Are you more into the gym? Want to fall in love with the gym and your body?

Teagan writes personalised programs and coaches a 12 week program. Building healthy habits, progressing in the gym and consciously re-writing any old thought patterns so you can step into your true self.


Are you wanting to learn or improve your yoga practices? Craving to deepen your faculties to the universe and self?

Teagan create personalised sequences based on where you’re at and where you want to be. She considers an Ayurvedic approach and all life areas to ensure you reach your desired goal.

Step in your
Fullest Self.
With full