the reason you workout

What is the reason you workout? Is it for the looks, for the health benefits, because you ate too much, because you heard it was good for you? Or maybe you aren’t sure of the reason for why you work out.

Today I go deep into my personal experience of why I work out and what my goals are and how the reasons have changed over time and this is to prompt you to see where your motivations come from and your purpose of exercising.

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Secondly, I am writing this from Rottnest which is a small island just off Perths mainland, famous for its Quokkas. We are staying at the Discovery Park in a superior tent and it is pretty damn cool. It’s right at the beach, the tents are very spacious and Mum + Dad are having such a great time. Although I think they are very sore from the ride around the island. Whoops.

That’s all the updates, so into todays blog – diving deep into the purpose of your workouts.

Ask your self why + be honest.

When asking yourself, let the answers come. You might think instantly that you exercised this morning because you ate such a large dinner last night or maybe you went out and drank 243 beers over the weekend.
Maybe you exercise because it is what every one else does and what all the influencers do. Maybe you’re exercising because of how good it feels and how energised you feel afterwards. Possibly you’re exercising because you are training for an event or a fun run. Or you’re doing 4000 squats because you want a peachy butt?

All of these answers are reasonable. Sometimes we go through all of the answers above.

Years ago I would exercise for two reasons; I love running (it feels meditative) and I didn’t want to gain weight. I used to be quite scared of gaining weight, especially when I wasn’t educated. I used to try all the diets, all the exercises types, all the detoxes and even try not eat. Crazy, but I know that it’s so common amongst us. I tried everything and never really saw a massive change.

I went through a phase of exercising because I hated my body. I didn’t eat well, sleep well or take care of anything else and that reflected in my exterior as well as my interior. I continued to exercise through hate and seen no improvement in my health. I had a constant battle in my mind of hating certain parts of my body and always wished them away. I also battled with an eating disorder in this phase and it took a lot to re-wire my brain.

Over the years my reasoning has changed. Now I feel like I have a nice balance and purpose for my exercise routine. It took a lot of self development and deep diving into finding a loving reason for exercising. I really had to re-wire my thoughts, self love and confidence.

The reason I exercise now is because it compliments my lifestyle – it is just part of my life. When I exercise my mind is calmer, I’m happier and it’s part of my self love routine. Exercising keeps my body running smoothly as I maintain my flexibility, joint range of motion, muscles strength and my cardio fitness. I exercise all for the feeling and how amazing it feels to be able to move my body.

You may be wondering ‘what about the exterior’ and whether I care about how I look on the outside and the answer is, yes.

I should let you know that I battled for some years coming to terms with this because I thought that if you cared about your exterior that makes you cocky, self loathing and arrogant. That is the story that I told myself. At school some people would call me ‘skinny bitch’ and that made me so self conscious and shy about my body. These people would only say this out of jealousy and what ever story or background they had but it affected me for years. In actual fact, sometimes this old patterning comes back every now and then when my confidence is low and I haven’t been taking complete care of myself especially my mind. These days when it pops up, I know it’s a old story and am quickly able to move through it.

Taking care of your exterior isn’t arrogant, it’s just another form of taking care of yourself. What ever feels best for you is what you should aim for. If you are happy, feel good and think well – then that is what matters.

I care about my exterior because I feel my best in this shape and size. When I gain a little, I can feel it and it’s uncomfortable. Two, I genetically have a very very small butt so I like to do some glute work to maintain what I have. Growing up my mum used to have to buy me dolls underwear because I had no butt and never fit into actual kids underwear, so my genetics say no bum where I would like just a small one. So I work on my exterior for my own goals.

Now you know why, see yourself through a love lens.

If you have discovered that you’re why is something along the lines of hating some part of your body that you’re wishing away or that you just joined that gym because everyone else has. Well now it’s time to re-wire those thoughts and patterns and to choose your movement though love.

With anything you do that has a reaction on your bodies well-being you must make a decision through love.

Go on a run through hate – the run is going to be crap, slow, heavy, you’ll stop half way and then walk home to have some chocolate to satisfy your emotions. You won’t be able to reach your goals.

Go on a run though love – it’ll be smooth, enjoyable and you just might even get a better time than your last and then you get home and feed yourself a nourishing dinner to re-fuel your body. You will be able to reach your goals.

See the difference?

Next time you’re doing something out of hate or fear, immediately think ‘how can I see this through love?’ and more in that direction.

Always choose love.

Sending Love + Peace
Teags Lee x


October 21, 2020

Great post! Thanks so much for sharing your journey. Been on a constant cycle with my fitness but am starting to get back into it 😊 take care x

October 21, 2020

Thank you for reading 🥰 I am so glad you’re back on path. Take it easy, lots of love and do it all for yourself 💛

October 21, 2020

Thanks so much! xx

October 21, 2020

Heya just letting you know I’ve nominated you in my latest post if you’re keen to check it out take care x

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