Intuition over heart and brain

Making decisions. Can feel like heart pullers. Or that one part of your body is going in one direction and the other part is going in the completely other direction at full speed. It can feel like your world is going to explode. It can feel scary, stressful, ignite anxiety and even make you feel terribly sad. Making decisions can be tough to say the least. 

When we come to a crossroad and we don't know the decision to make, this is what I do.

Firstly, you need to not ask anyones advice (just yet).

You need to get really still, quiet and give yourself some productive thinking time. Think up all the possibilities, pros and cons list and more importantly ask your heart and your intuition what their opinion is. Write it all down.

We are quick to call our parents, partners and best friends what they think we should do. Which can help later. But first we need to go within. Because honestly, you already know the answer. Don’t you.

Write it all down. This is where you will start to feel a little excitement. Writing down a pro for a new job and it feels good? That’s your intuition talking. Writing down leaving the relationship and you start to feel released? That’s your intuition.

Why we shouldn't listen to our brain?

Your brain is a smart place. It provide a lot of answers. It really does know a lot. 

Yet, sometimes it can over analyse to paralysis. Where you can’t make a decision.

The brain often goes for the most logical reasoning, the most safe. Not generally the answer we want.

Your mind is a place for calculations and keeping you safe and comfortable.

But you want to take a leap right?

See… The brain definitely doesn’t have the answer.

When you are sitting in your silence, your brain will tune in and pipe up with some wild calculation to stay in the job because it is safe. If you’re sitting in silence and you’re calculating finances, put the damn calculator down.

The heart, and where it will lead you to

Your heart is a very good guide for what you truly want to do. She is soft and wants to make you happy. 

Yet sometimes the heart wants to make everyone else around you happy.

Sometimes the heart forgets about herself and puts others feelings, situations and circumstances first before hers.

She knows what she wants, although she doesn’t feel strong enough to make the moves. To cut the chords, to leave the relationship, to quit the job, to drop the bad habit, to book the ticket.

So in your moment of silence, when the heart pipes up and says ‘what about his feelings? he will be hurt’. Tell the heart that you are to be put first. Your feelings are the most important. If the heart tells you to feel bad about leaving an employer, let her know that your goals are more important than the companies.

The heart will lead you almost to the right path – by emotions just might lead you astray. 

'Intuition is the whisper of the soul'

Feeling your intuition...

Your intuition is that ‘gut feeling’. Those moments when you just know it’s right or wrong. You can’t explain what it’s like but you know it’s a gut feeling.

It’s a definite answer. It’s a done thing. There are no ifs, buts or maybes. And to make the decision it feels incredible hey?

But maybe it doesn’t happen that often? Or maybe you don’t know that you have ever felt it.


Here is how…

In that quietness, without the logical brain and without the emotional heart – what really feels the best?
It is often the scariest, because it’s new or there is a bit to do to get to the other side.

It’s what you really want if time, money, others feelings and yours weren’t accounted for. 

If you could make the decision and no one’s emotions were hurt, what would you do.

If money wasn’t a factor – what would you do?

What do you truly want? Then make it happen 😉

If you need to talk it out – do so with ONLY the right person. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to someone who doesn’t support your wildest dreams, who doesn’t have your highest self at heart and that is in a place you’d never want to be in. I’m always here for a chat. I have had too many people shut my dreams and ideas down. You don’t deserve that, it sets you back too much. So, I am always here for a chat.

You already know the answer. And if you’re still here thinking, gosh I really don’t – go back and keep asking the same questions until you come to the answer that feels really good! Or sneak into my dms and let’s chat.

listen to your intuition

If you’re in tune with your intuition you will just know when it hits.

When we become a little detached and distracted by our outer world – our inner world is quiet.


The first step is to get quiet. Sitting in a meditation is a great way to do this. Or just to sit in a room without your phone, music or the tele on in the back ground. 

Start to ask yourself some questions. Whether it’s for your job, relationship, career, friendship or any situation or decision.

Is this situation bringing me happiness? 
Do I feel peaceful with this choice?
What part of my brain is taking over with logic?
Am I being afraid to hurt someone else, fail or make the wrong choice?
What is the worst outcome possible?
If the worse outcome was to occur what would I do?
What decision really excites me?
If I was to put everyone else’s emotions, thoughts and situations out of my head, what would I do?

You already know what you want to do. It just takes some convincing the heart and the brain to join the party. Then it starts to feel aligned. We have this over whelming sensation of alignment. It might only be fleeting because you still have to get through the decision. But that’s a great sign.

You don’t need to go to people to discuss your choices, because you know yourself best. Although I am a huge believer in sharing a problem is halving a problem. It depends who you share this with.

Don’t go to someone you wouldn’t trade places with or who doesn’t support you. You want to go to people that inspire you, are in the situation you want to be in or someone who will be able to hold your decision positively. 

Until next week

Love + Peace
Teags x

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