I was born and grew up in a small country town in Victoria, shifted to Western Australia in 2011 and currently reside in a beautiful coastal nook in the Mid West, enjoying life to its fullest potential.

A few years ago I qualified as a Personal Trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness in Perth WA and have been working in the health & wellness industry ever since, helping people along their health journey. I also became a Qualified Yoga Teacher in 2021 and have since been diving deep into that world which I love so much.

But my health journey started way back when I was a young teen. I can remember I’ve always been a little adventuring health nut. Anything to do with going to see a new place or learning the latest health & fitness information – I was all about it.

I grew up in a very normal Australian family, eating a normal Australian diet, which I quickly learnt that what you put into your body is what you become. So from a very young age I took on the initiative to learn about what is best for our bodies to reach the healthiest version of our self. It has been a very long bumpy journey, that still continues to this day. I am a student of life and continually learn and discover new things.

Along the journey there have been many mistakes made. From trying every ‘diet’, gaining 15kgs, loosing the 15kgs, experiencing an eating disorder, rediscovering meditation, finding gratitude, finding peace within and in more recent years I’ve found the best version of myself which continues to learn and grow with me.

In a nut shell, I truly believe I was placed on the planet to help people along their health journey, to educate people on topics that should be taught in school, to inspire each individual to empower themselves to go on their very own wellness journey to find the best version of themselves.

People know me as a somewhat of a borderline hippie (what ever that is). Mainly it’s because you don’t often see me in shoes and I carry my KeepCup at all times because “you can’t have a take away coffee unless you have your KeepCup with you”. I meditate twice daily, practice yoga and will surf (very small/clear) waves, I eat a plant based pescatarian diet and well yea apparently that’s borderline hippie, but you get the gist of what I’m like. So if you can relate, let’s be friends.

I firstly created Teagslee.com in the hopes to share and help people with travel, because I am always dreaming up the next barefooted wander around the globe. But since completing my Personal Training qualification I realised my purpose had changed and I had found the reason I was here. I had to help people on a more personal life changing level. There are so many people out there that want help with finding an abundance of health, wealth, fitness, adventure and happiness in their life and that is what I am here to help you with.

If you resonate at all, to create and live your very best life – you’re in the right spot and I’m genuinely thankful you found me.

My goal is not only to add years to your life, but also add LIFE to your years.

Follow YOUR dreams and let the adventures unfold.

Love & Peace
Teags Lee xx