6 ways to manage fifo life

Good Morning + Happy Wednesday!

I have been working in the resource and mining industry (fifo + dido + local) for almost 6 years in total (actually it might be going on 7 but who’s counting) and I feel like I have got it down pact – most days.

Mining and FIFO life isn’t for everyone and that IS OK. If you gave it a shot and you just didn’t like it – that is ok.

For those that mostly enjoy it and want to be out there but you just feel like somedays you hate it and want to quit – here are your answers. These are the things that I have implemented to create success in the industry.

  1. Pre-Plan your breaks and plan a few ahead
    The thing about mining and shift work is that you are going to be away for special events so plan ahead to either get some time off or schedule things in for your break. When we have things to look forward to on our breaks we are able to work for a purpose and be excited for fly out day for more than just leaving site. I mentioned this in my last post, so you can see it’s important. What are you going to book in today to have something to look forward to? Book it now. Text that friend to catch up with now. Call your partner and tell your grand plan. Now, then come back to reading.I always make sure I plan a few things into each break as well as planning some rest time. Planning rest time is just as important as see that gals/guys/family. I also have an app called MyShiftPlanner that I send to friends and family so we can line up and plan catch up days. My parents are on a complete opposite roster to me so for this month I saw them for one day and next month we line up two days so we booked a stay at Discovery Rottnest – because well what else do we work so hard for (hehe)
  2. Get at least one good sleep in at home.
    Being able to lay in bed and not setting an alarm for 3:30am is just amazing. I know that we are all setting our alarms early so we can get things done because a lot of us aren’t on an even time roster and we don’t have a lot of time to achieve what we want. But I really recommend not setting an alarm for at least one day. Our sleep ins are usually until 6am which is probably not a sleep in for most but if you don’t you’ll spend your whole break tired and then return to work tired and then that just becomes dangerous. If you are a machine operator, a haulage driver, in the drill and blast team, crusher crew – you know that you need all alertness to complete your job safely. So plan in some rest time. I also have blog post for those who need help sleeping.I am not one to have big sleep-ins but I definitely switch the alarm off for at least one day to fully charge the batteries. A sleep in to 6am is amazing and just being able to grab my book and sit and read for as long as I want is the best feeling.
  3. Eat well on r+r and at work 
    So many of our health goals are destroyed because we eat take out every night on break or we drink 20 emu exports every afternoon. Or you eat all the caramel slice at work but eat well on r+r (or is that just me).
    We all know that we are what we eat. The foods we eat is what our energy and vitality is. If you feel sluggish + tired – look at your eating patterns. Are you eating enough vegetable and fruits? Are you eating limited amounts of processed foods? We are all adults and we know what the right things are to eat – keep it simple and eat well. If you want to dive a bit deeper into your nutrition for energy, please send me a message on instagram as well as stay posted for up coming programs and calls.
  4. Stop with the negative frame of mind
    This goes from watching what and how you say things to the things you think about. Now if you are having a hard time finding the positives I’d recommend that you see a professional to help guide you. But for those that have a bad attitude – this is me catching you out and telling you to choose your words carefully. No one wants to listen to you complain about anything and everything.
    Try to not complain for the whole day. You’ll notice how hard it is. We are basically taught that this is how you live life, by complaining. Stop complaining about the weather, the 12 hour shifts, the boss, the task at hand – start saying positive things in stead. Finding it hard? Good you’re on the right path. Changing your negative frame of mine is going to lead you into so much more joy for life. There are definitely times where I have said ‘Gee it’s bloody cold, where’s the sun’, where I could very easily have just said good morning or just anything else.
  5. Some days/swings will be harder than others
    So even though I just said, stop being such a neg head. Some days are going to be harder than others. Especially when you spend your birthday, Christmas or an anniversary at work. You’re allowed to have some days where you wish you didn’t have to go to work but that’s ok. Maybe you’ve had a massive swing and by the end of it you are just tired and worn out, it’s ok to admit that you’re tired. This week was massive for me as I had to run a Suicide and Prevention Toolbox as it’s the year anniversary of two friends that left this planet by choice. So mentally very straining to try run those topics to groups of people I have to admit was very emotionally draining. But we just have to let ourselves feel those feelings and not judge them. We know that not all days are bad and we will aim for a better day the next.
  6. Have a plan
    For those that don’t know me too well, I don’t plan to spend the next 20 years in mining. If your goal is, thats great. We all have different goals and plans. Plans and goals can also change and grow, as well grow. You might want to work your way up to be a Supervisor or even the General Manager – these are amazing goals.My goal is that I would like to leave mining and completely work online and travel the world while doing that, helping as many people as possible (as for when is the secret). Without a plan, work starts to seem pointless and you start to feel empty. Ask yourself where would you like to be in 1 year? Then ask yourself, where would you like to be in 3 year. Then ask yourself the 5 year plan and the 10 year plan. Then each day work towards that. If we aren’t working towards our goal, we are working towards someone else’s goals.

I hope this has helped set you up for success in the mining industry. It can have a fair bit of stigma around it, but I am here to change that. I would love to know what your 1,3, 5 + 20 year plans are?

Until next Wednesday,
Sending lots of Love + Peace

Teags Lee xx


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