If you’ve known me for a while, you know I am massive on Meditation.

I really do believe that everyone could benefit from mediation and I believe we can all do it and we do all have time for it. So no excuses here.

Here’s what everyone thinks.
Meditation is peaceful. Your mind is quiet. You feel so relaxed. You have no thoughts in your mind. It’s the most peaceful experience, ever.

Wrong. Especially at the beginning. Sorry to burst the bubble. It does come with practice.

Here’s what actually happens.
You sit down. Play some nice music or you sit in silence. You sit in ‘meditation pose’. Your back hurts. Your skin itches. You change position. You turn the music up to avoid all the chatter that’s coming into your mind. To-Do lists. Must Dos. What that person said. What happened on the weekend. You’re so frustrated. You stop. Get up. Then you get on with your day thinking ‘Meditation isn’t for me’.

Here’s what can happen.
You sit, how ever is comfortable for you, or lay.
Play some nice music or a guided mediation. Thoughts come into your head. You allow them, recognise them, then accept them, then move past it. Bring your awareness back to your breathing. Another thought, allow, recognise, accept, move on. Breathe. That’s it. The mediation ends. With practicing daily, you feel the benefits. Boom.

What MY meditation experience feels like.
It depends. Depends on where my mind is at. Sometimes I sit and I am instantly irritated, my breathing is all over the place, my back aches, time goes so slow, I finish before my alarm. I will try again tonight.
Other-times, I sit, I’m still, breathing naturally, accepting the thoughts that pop into my mind, I feel calm, timer goes off and it feels like anything could of happened but I would never have even noticed.
It honestly depends on where life is at. Sometimes I am stressed and can’t manage and then sometimes I surrender am able to sink into the mat. But regardless of the day, I still do it and try my best.

I know it’s easier said than done. But give it a try and let me know how you go. Sometimes we over complicate things and make it too difficult, but really it’s quite easy. You just have to start somewhere.

Once you have practiced it once, don’t think all your problems will be solved. Meditation is like most good things in life – with consistency we reap benefits. So try to create a habit of a daily practice.

Let me know how you go?
Did you enjoy it?
Still need time to adjust or was it exactly what you needed?

Love Teags x

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