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I hope that you are all having a super lovely day today and I am sending you all loads of love and laughter your way.

Whether you are at home celebrating, at work, in lock down or you’re at the beach – where ever you are, I hope you find joy and gratitude for the day.

Today I wanted to write about how I am preparing myself for the new year. When I look back over the year I have achieved a lot of my goals and then there where some things I didn’t do (travel obviously one of them). Which is ok, everything that has happened has lead me to where I am and that is perfectly ok. We are all exactly where we are meant to be.

I did a really big journaling session (with help from Melissa Ambrosini’s latest blog) on Monday to set myself up for a really purposeful 2021. If there was anything that I learnt this year was to always be taking a step in the direction I want my dream life to be. Baby steps are so effective over a long period of time.

On Wednesday I put onto my Instagram story a poll asking “Do you often think of your purpose?” and “Do you know what your purpose is?”.
These where the results the poll came to:

Do you often wonder… 90% said YEP
Do you often wonder… 10% WOW NEVER?!

Do you know your purpose… 38% YAS
Do you know your purpose… 62% NO

When I looked through the people who had responded ‘no’ I instantly thought that surely they’d made a mistake on the poll. Because in my mind some of these people in my eyes looked as though they are living their purpose or at least having an amazing time. This made me realise that there are so many people on the search of their purpose – which is AMAZING! It actually really excites me. Because I remember when I discovered my purpose, I remember the feeling. Like my heart felt happy and super excited. I had butterflies ALL the time (p.s I still do). I can’t wait for every one to have this moment.

A few years back…

It was only in 2017 that I realised I wasn’t living in my purpose. I was working in admin in the mining industry and I would work to save money to go travelling. I loved this lifestyle. I could earn good money, quit and then travel. Amazing right? One day I got so mad and fed up with all the little things that used to annoy me in my job, I realised I shouldn’t have this feeling at work. I should love what I do. I slept in a couple of times and that’s when I realised that if I was sleeping in, I’d lost the passion for going to work for the day. All I was looking forward to was going on r&r (rostered days off), cruising around in the troopy, watching the guys surf at amazingly beautiful locations, falling asleep on the sand, discovering new places and feeling free. I put all my happiness into those moments.

I started on a journey of finding my self a job that I was passionate about. I wanted passion in my daily – not just in a partner or on r&r, this wasn’t enough for me. I realised that you shouldn’t depend on the externals (holidays, weekends, partners, relationships, objects) to make you happy, you must be happy within.

I’d been thinking about it for a while, listening to loads of podcasts to discover my passion. I’d ask myself ‘what am I good at’ and ‘what comes natural to me’. Health. It comes easy, I’d research it for hours and I’d been passionate about it through my whole life from a really young age.

So, I called up Australian Institute of Fitness, made the payment to complete my Master Trainer Certification in April 2018. I don’t think I’d been so excited to go study before. I experienced this excitement every single day I was going to the Institute. I did a 6 month course, Monday to Thursday and 9am-4pm & I LOVED EVERYTHING about it. If you’re thinking of the exact study I HIGHLY recommend it. I haven’t heard anyone else talk about their studies so passionately. I’d wake up early to walk Zig, have some breakfast and then jump on the train up to the city to spend the day with a bunch of beautiful humans and learn as much as I could. I freaking loved it!

I didn’t know exactly what I would do after the studies (I actually thought to buy a studio – now well not so much – maybe in the future when I decide to settle a bit ha!) but all I knew was I wanted to help people move better, feel better and do better. That simple. Then as the last few years went on, the purpose becomes more clear, it evolves as I do. I worked in a big chain gym and well I just didn’t belong, then I went to an F45, still didn’t belong. Now I am in the mines and it feels natural and easy. Now I must say, when things feel natural and easy this is great. It also means you are ready for the next up-level. This is coming – in the new year. And when I release it, you’ll understand. It’s been almost year in the making/creating/preparing myself and well to say I am excited is an understatement.

It’s important to know…

Our purpose on this planet is to be of service to something in the world.

Whether it is a personal trainer to help people move better and feel better.

Perhaps you’re here to create art for people to hang in their bed rooms to create a feeling and an atmosphere.

You have a passion to raise a beautiful family and be the best husband or wife.

You crave to show the world that the climate is changing, the oceans are full of plastic and your eco friendly tips are helping save the planet one Instagram post at a time.

Maybe you want to design a clothing label that is sustainable and ethically made so peoples purchasing power isn’t having such a hugely negative impact on society and the planet.

Possibly you want to help the less fortune or help the animals that need caring for.

You want to open a cafe to serve the best coffee in town.

You want to be the best manager of a mine site and change the way they use to be ran.

You want to teach small children to show them kindness, love and let them shine their light.

Ask yourself; If time + money weren’t a ‘thing’ and there was something you’d love to help with – what would it be?

Once you have a glimmer of purpose, roll with it…

From there it’ll unravel and reveal it’s self to you. It doesn’t have to be perfect and exact. Just a glimmer of your purpose, grab it with two hands and take steps towards it. I learnt that you can manifest as much as you want, but if you aren’t taking some sort of step in the direction of it nothing is going to happen.

If you change your mind two months in – that’s great you have found what you don’t want and from there you will know a bit more of what you do want. It’s like dating, right? You date a bunch of people that teach you lessons in what you do want and what you don’t want, yea?

As you discover your purpose just go with it. Learn, shift and pivot through all the lessons you experience. Like I said earlier, I worked at two gyms before coming to mining. I worked a year with a company before transitioning into my own business. (Thanks to my friend who helped me realise what I’d achieved in the last 3 years, even I need friendly reminders).

Make it fun and keep reflecting looking inwards…

All I can say is if you aren’t sure of your purpose, don’t let it get you down. You will find it. If you keep searching – you WILL come across it. If you are open minded and look within and feel how these thoughts and actions feel – you WILL find it.

Make it fun. Try new things. Ask friends and family what you are good at. Learn new skills. Do things that make you happy and bring joy to your day.

Reflect on your current career and see how it feels in your belly or your chest (depending where you feel your feelings). Maybe you aren’t yet in tune with those feelings yet. That is also ok, it’ll come.

Here is how:
1. Find a quiet place, get comfy + close your eyes down. If you’re a busy parent find peace with the noise that’s going on or get the kids involved.
2. Take a really deep inhale through your nose and then exhale it all out your mouth. Really sigh it out. Make a sigh sound, it feels amazing.
3. Repeat step two, three more times before returning your breath back to normal.
4. Ask your self how your current career path is looking, how your current life is. See where you find happiness. Don’t look at the negatives. Look at what you enjoy in your life. Find gratitude for the things that you love and feel passion. Give yourself some time to ponder these thoughts.
5. Feel into these feelings. This is what happiness feels like. Maybe it is in your belly, your chest, your whole body or maybe nothing just yet (that’s ok, it’ll come).
Tune into these feelings often. Ask if it brings you happiness and then look to see if the feeling is there.

To go a little deeper, to search for your purpose:
5. Ask yourself if there was anything that you’d like to change in your current life what would it be?
6. Ask yourself if there was something you’d love to do what would it be? What would it look like? What would it feel like? How would you spend your day? How would you wake up feeling? How would you feel when you go about your day?
7. The final step. What is one thing you could do today to go down that path you just created?

Let yourself think about it for as long as you need. Write down things if you feel called. Put these things on to a vision board or your phone screen saver. Remind yourself daily to go towards that feeling. Learn, shift and pivot through your experiences. It is going to bring a deeper purpose to your days, months and years. So at the end of 2021 you can reflect and see how far you have come.

Good luck, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

May you 2021 be the most purposeful year of your life.
Sending bucket loads of love.

Love + Peace
Teags Lee xx


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