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We get so caught up on reaching destinations.

“I’ll be happy when I… (fill the blank)”

When I loose 10 kg,
When I met the right person,
When I get a promotion,
When I retire.

We don’t have the past, so don’t let it define you.
We also don’t have the future, so also don’t let define you.

Why can’t we be happy now?

At the moment I am going to put it down to three things: you ego, your social media news feed and not living within your purpose.

When we scroll our socials we see peoples highlight reels wishing we had what they have. Which is silly, because if we look deep into our own desires, wants and values that’s not even what would make us happy. Also, it’s a highlight reel which leads you to believe that their life is perfect and better than yours. Then when something goes wrong in your life you start to compare to yourself, second guess your life importance and then cue depression and anxiety.
When we let our ego run wild it compares, judges and just thinks too highly of self and does you no good.
When you aren’t doing what you were put on this planet for, you heart just isn’t quite content and leads to a feeling of unhappiness.

So that is what causes unhappiness.

Here is the how to find happiness now.

How to truely live in the moment and find yourself YOUR very own version of happiness.

Ask yourself a few questions…
What do you find joy in?
What makes you smile the most?
If money and time weren’t ‘things’ what would you do each day?

Start there. Chase that. This is your road make to finding happiness.

I you aren’t really sure yet. Here are a few more questions.
As a child what did you spend the most time doing?
Where/What are you fondest memories?
What do you parents say that you enjoyed to do a lot?

You might be thinking, “Umm Teagan, all I did was eat dirt and roll around in the garden’.
This is actually a great place to start, so you like to be outside in nature? Does this mean you enjoy gardening, working outside, farming, traveling or living in a commune off the grid? I’m not sure, just go with what your gut instinct tells you.

Maybe you were always building things. Using your hands to make things. Does this mean you’d like to be a builder, a painter, a jewellery maker, an electrician? Same again, go with your gut instinct. 

When we are chasing our desires, our purpose for being on the planet this is where true happiness comes from. When you are living in your purpose you feel achievement, your heart is content and you feel fulfilled. 

The thing about always trying to reach these destinations of happiness our mind is always too far in the future or the dwelling on the past. So it’s important that you find peace in every single moment.

When people are talking to you, listen. Put your phone down, look into their eyes and actually listen. When your gut instinct is trying to tell you something, listen. Be present in these moments, enjoy them.

Find movement in each day.
I don’t care if its a walk around the block or a Cross Fit class. Find something you love doing and do it every day. Don’t do the workout that are on trend if you hate it, exercise isn’t a chore and it shouldn’t feel like one. We often exercise out of fear. Fear of gaining weight or not having the perfect body. We need to exercise out of love. Exercise because it makes you feel good. Exercise because you love your body enough to look after him/her. When we exercise our body releases those feel good hormones which means more happiness in your life.

Get into some greenery and see the sun.
Whether it’s spending your lunch break in the park, walking outside at lunch or laying at the beach when you can, we all need to be outside in nature soaking up a bit of sun light. Just remember to use caution when the UV is high.

Eat well. Increase your fruits and vegetables. Simple.
Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetable allows your body to feel well which helps your brain feel happy. Aiming for a wide range to increase your chances of getting all your nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Along with eating a balanced diet ensure you’re drinking sufficient water every day.

Sleep 7-9 hours.
Get 7-9 hours of sleep, no excuses. Your body need to go through its complete recovery process while you sleep which helps regenerate everything back to its optimal levels. This includes your happy hormones. We all know how amazing it feels to sleep enough, so make it a priority.

It’s not woo hoo, it’s smart. 3 minutes if time is short or your attention span just isn’t there yet for a 10 minute session of sitting in your own thoughts. There are so many different forms of meditation, give a few a try until you settle with your favourite. Meditating brings a sense of clarity and calmness to the mind. You’re able to filter through your thoughts and it allows you to see things clearly. This allows you to only worry when you really need to. Which in turn equals more happiness.

With every positive there is a negative.
This is just the way life is, it balances us. Stop taking negatives as a bad thing, as a failure. A ‘failure’ is a lesson and with every lesson we learn, grow and become a better version of ourself. Without these lesson we stay stagnant and life stands still which creates unhappiness and that is not what we are here for.

Be Grateful.
While we are chasing this ‘destination’ we forget to be grateful for everything that we currently have. When you wake, immediately think of three things you are grateful for. Whether it’s the sun that’s shining, your partner, your job, your dog, your mum, the book you’re currently reading or the basil you managed to keep alive. Anything, this creates new neural pathways of happiness, and then through out the day you’ll continue finding things you’re grateful for.

Set yourself these standards and I know you will start to feel better.

We are the deciders of how we feel.
Remember that life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us.
Live it how you want to.

Let me know which one you’d like to work on the most? I’d love to hear from you and how your happiness levels are.

Teags Lee xx

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