why you can’t rely on motivation to get you through your 2021 goals

Why? Because it’s not always there. You know this, I know this, everyone knows this. We are always looking for the next thing that is going to motivate us.

Like why do we have to wait for something or someone to motivate us?

Why can’t we motivate ourselves?

Why wait for a breakup to work on your fitness, your cooking or goal to travel.

Tune into your heart today and set those goals and then every day, inch by inch (or millimetre by millimetre if you need smaller steps like me) do things daily to move the pin closer to your goals.


Get clear on what you actually want.

At the moment I am setting some new goals. As life changes, we reach our goals, we up-level or we change our mind and find new goals. Always check in with yourself and create clarity with what you want. Like do you want to build or continue moving around. Getting clear on your goals can be hard and can take some time. Allow that. Allow yourself to sit in the grey zone for a while until your heart pings and you know the direction you want to go. We often can have clouded judgement for what we actually really want. Society, friends and family can unconsciously allow you to think that you should be doing something when you really don’t want to.

Set your goals and dedicate your time and effort to it.

Who here has set a goal and then COMPLETELY forgotten. Then you come back to your goal diary and you’re think ‘What the heck Teagan. If you started when you first wrote this you could have achieved it already’.

Anyone else or is that just me?

A few things this year that allowed me to achieve some goals is to set time aside to work on it. It is going to take effort and time. Sometimes you will have to miss out on things. Without dedicating time to your own goals, you are dedicating your time to someone else’s.

Feel into the feelings.

Sometimes we are just having an off day and sometimes we are being lazy. It’s a good idea to know the difference.

You might have worked in the heat for 12 hours and your physically knackered and can’t possibly get yourself to the gym tonight to work on that goal to feeling good naked.

You might be on day one of your period ladies, so kick back with a warm tea, a heat pack on your belly and skip the damn gym for the day. Or go for a walk – depending on what your body wants.

Feeling mighty strong and it was meant to be a rest day – go and use that energy and plan the following day for a rest or a catch up with friends. Tick off both goals; get fit and build good relationships. BOOM!

Just can’t be bothered writing a chapter of your book? Maybe just sit yourself down, with a cup of tea and see where you go. Heck you might even write two chapters! #winning

There’s time to hustle and there is time to listen to your body and minds needs.

At the end of the day I always make sure I have done something in the direction on a goal or multiple goal because we all know we are multi faceted and have more than one reason we are here on the planet.

I hope you all set some big goals for yourself for 2021. Don’t be afraid to set a big goal, ask for more or even less.

I would love to know what yo all have planned for 2021?

I’d assume everyone is going to travel? Or is that just me again?

I can’t wait to get over to Queensland and even a few more places in WA.


Love + Peace
Teags Lee x

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