set & achieve your fitness and health goals in 2021

Without a doubt, you reading this have set a fitness and health goal for 2021?

I am THAT excited for you. Because I feel like this is the year you are really going to achieve it.

So I thought I would lend an extra hand to help you achieve your goals.

Firstly, I thought I’d do a little plug for my 30 day Restore eBook that takes you through day by day restoring your health and happiness. I created this as I saw a niche in health programs. They were always so focused on the movement of spending 1.5 hours in the gym or eating 1800 calories every day. When I know (and most other fitness professionals) is that it starts in the mind, the daily habits and the education we have around health. The book has a new tasks, daily actionables and a slice of education for each day for 30 days to help rewire your mind around health and happiness.

Then having that information allows you to have an amazing relationship with your body and make the right decisions. Without the correct information how can you possibly make the right decision? Impossible, right? There is so much conflicting information out there, it can make almost anyone feel confused whether bananas are bad after 3pm. (Please eat your banana if you’d like it). So if I have spiked your interest, head over to my eBook and get started on restoring your health and happiness for 2021. For those reading this, use the code wellness2021 for a sneaky 20% discount.

Right now let’s get to your goals.

Go through this with each of your goals to make sure it is truly your goal + 100% achievable.

What we tend to do is set ourselves a goal that we heard someone else say. Or we set a goal to loose 20kg in two months. A lot of our goals can be unrealistic and heck not even our own.
These next few questions will get you thinking to really check in with yourself and create healthy achievable goals.

  1. Ask yourself that if you achieved the goal how would it feel? 
    Think about the outcome, how your body will feel and your mind. When we feel into the feelings it’ll either feel amazing, light and a little scary but exciting. Or it could be icky, gooey and you’re doing it despite someone or it’s too scary you just avoid it from the first week of the year.
    You’re goals must be your goals. You cant set a goal of lose 20kg when you don’t even have that to loose or you’ll be skin and bones (an your bones wouldn’t even be healthy.) Sometimes we set goals because we just found out how much someone you think is banging weighs so you drive to be at that weight because that’ll make you ‘happy’. You must find goals that give you good butterflies.
  2. Breakdown each goal.
    Mini goals are much more achievable than the original big hairy audacious goals. If you create a clear-ish plan you’ll see that it is achievable or maybe that you need to lend yourself some more time. Seeing the plan creates some certainty and trust in yourself that you can do it. Make sure you do this for each goal. If you have a weight loss goal, it’s fair to aim for 1kg a week (generally if you do have some weight to lose). But also keep in mind that life happens and sometimes you’re still distinguishing whether the amount of food is enough or making you starving.
    If you have a goal to run a marathon, or a half marathon like me – first you must start running smaller distances.
    Break down your goal into nice small actionable steps so you know what you need to do in order to achieve it.
  3. Take small steps every single day.
    You’re goals are not going to become real if you keep doing exactly what you are doing now. You must change something. Add that 20 minute walk, that 2L of water or your meditation before bed or taking dessert out every second night. Create a new way of life, with new habits.
    Continue to stick to these habits. You can’t just go keto (unless a dietician prescribes this) for 1 month, loose the weight and then return to your old habits. The weight is likely to return. Stop waiting until Monday. Change is what is going to create change – so make some plans that you can continue to do through the year.
    If you need an accountability keep reading to the end for a little surprise.
  4. Stop Following Trends.
    Don’t follow the latest trends/fads/diets/supplements/superfoods or what your favourite Instagram Influencer is doing. Your body is different and you need to experiment with what works best for your body. Just because they eat three times a day and that works for them it doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Your metabolism could be faster or slower. You job could be more physical or less. It is so important to take what these trends say with a grain of salt and understand that your body isn’t the same to anyone else. Just because they do some crazy cleanses, it doesn’t mean you have to. Find your own trend and what works for you. Sometimes we have to be our own guinea pig to find the answers.

I found that when I was trying to achieve my goals this is what would help them come into fruition. I would set goals and just try manifest it – but without actions in that direction it just wont happen. Get clarity on your goals and how you will achieve them. Stay in your lane, be your own motivation and keep heading in the right direction.

If you would like some assistance, I have another sneaky surprise.

I am launching an 8 week private one on one program – Health and Happiness Coexist – Reset Edition.

This is custom to your health goals and wellness desires.

8 weeks is the perfect amount of time if you usually get lost in those 12 week challenges.
It is perfect if you just need a complete reset and catch up after the wild holiday season.
This program is perfect for you if you need an accountability buddy checking in on you.
The program tackles everything from mindset, finding a mediation you enjoy, creating a movement/exercise program specific to your body type, any injuries, the equipment you have at home and your goals, nutritional advice, sleep tips and so much more.

If you’re already screaming, TEAGS TELL US THE START DATE AND PRICE!?!

Here are the dets you’re after:

Start Date: Feb 1st

Price: $111

Enrollments Close: 25th January

What is included:

4 x 30 Minute Skype Calls + One 60 minute starter call. To get to know each other, sign the important stuff, fill me in on all your goals, desires, dreams, injuries, history and everything in-between. We will go over form and technique to ensure the best possible results. The calls allow you to have the accountability buddy you need to keep an eye on you to make sure everything for you is running smooth. It is common that things will come up and we will adapt as we go – but the aim of the game is to help you achieve your goals.

A Personlised Movement Program. This is created with your body in mind (injuries + mobility), the equipment you have (you don’t need any), your kinds of movement you enjoy (running, walking, weights, H.I.I.T, plyometrics, low intensity) and custom made to the goals you want to achieve. The program will be created to help you gain strength, flexibility and allow your body to move more freely.

24/7 Access to me via WhatsApp. When in doubt shoot me a message. You’re never alone on this journey and I have your back and your best interest at heart at all times. Whether it is a quick question about your form or whether that banana at 3:30pm is ok or not (fruit is always ok!). You will have complete support and motivation through the entire 8 weeks.

Weekly Master Classes + Homework. You can’t do the right thing with the wrong information. Education is key. You can’t be naïve when you know the truth. So each week you have a new lesson we go through and you have some weekly home work to do. Like I said, the program is a complete holistic approach, not just gym and food. Each week you will receive education and to-dos to hold you accountable and to form the habits you need to create this healthy and happy life you are after.

Topics we will go over. Movement (exercise), nutrition, sleep, stress, mindfulness, meditation, routine, habits and what ever else comes up for you.

It is completely private, one on one coaching from a trained and certified exercise professional who has a real and complete holistic approach to health and fitness. It is all about you and your goals and what is holding you back from achieving your goals and pushing through them to create the feeling you desire.

This is not for you if; You want to be told exactly what to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner.
This is not for you if; You want to spend 2 hours in the gym and starve yourself.

This IS FOR YOU if; you’re ready to take control of your life and start living with your healthiest self.
This IS FOR YOU if; you’re tired of feeling sluggish and unmotivated and ready to make changes.

Enrolments are closing on the 25th Jan so click here and complete the form here to get ready for the 1st of February 2021.

Until next week,
Sending loads of Love + Peace
Teags Lee xx

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