discovering your purpose (what is my purpose)

Have you ever asked yourself what your purpose is? What is the actual point of life? Why am I actually here on planet earth?

I know that I was asking myself this question a lot in 2017. I’d gotten to this point to looking within. My perspective changed from looking on the outside, to moving views to the inside. I wanted to find what truly made my heart happy.

I believe that we are all here to serve and provide our talent to the world.

I think that the mentality is to work and then to retire to enjoy life. To quit work and sit back on the beach and enjoy. But I truly believe that when you find your souls work – that gives your soul purpose which brings happiness and a feeling of success. When you work doing something you love then that will also provide everything else you want too (like those holidays to the beach).

Now I’m assuming you didn’t come here to continue wondering what your purpose is so here are the steps I took when I was discovering my purpose.

Ask yourself these questions.

What brings me joy?

What is life makes you happy? Where do you find yourself at your happiest? If you are in a stage in your life that you are not sure that anything is bringing you joy then think about when you were a kid. When you were young what were you always doing for fun?

For me as a kid I was always wandering around the garden, discovering new nooks, plants, trees and what ever else I could find.
I am in my absolute element when I am travelling, going to a new town, beach or a new hike.

What am I good at?

Sometimes this can be hard because we are often judging ourselves on what we are bad at all the time. So if you are struggling with knowing what you are good at ask a family member or a really good friend.

For me this was talking to people, running + listening.

What could I do for hours, talk about for hours and research for hours?

This is what you are most likely spending your spare time now. What are you always doing? What could you speak to a mate or a stranger about for hours on end? What is that one thing that you are always researching and finding the latest on?

For me, this was everything in the wellness and travel areas. I could talk to you for weeks about the weather in Spain or the types of exercises you can do to improve your knee problem. Since for as long as I can remember I have been researching health and living a healthy life. I would research for hours about the best ‘butter’ the best time for exercising, how to increase my run time and anything else I could think of. I would also spend hours researching how to speak different languages, the best way to get from Rome to Riomaggiore. 

Now to put it all together

You’re probably thinking, what has wandering around the garden got to do with your purpose. Well, it doesn’t mean that someone should pay me to wander around my garden. But, I think that you get the gist. When my days are filled with adventure, nature and helping others with their health and wellbeing I am living in alignment with my purpose. These things, in a nutshell allows my soul to feel complete happiness, content-ness and success.

You don’t have to do only one thing, we are multifaceted. Your purpose can also evolve as you evolve too, so don’t feel restricted when it changes and grows. You can be working at the local supermarket while volunteering with the homeless on your weekends. Your purpose can be to be the best parent. You purpose can be to build houses, fix machines, crunch numbers or help people with their squats. It doesn’t have to be a 60 million dollar idea. It can be to knit dog jumpers. You could be a tour guide, a car cleaner, hair dresser, website designer or an environmental activist. It doesn’t have to be the latest trend it just has to be what brings your heart happiness.

Ask yourself the questions, write it all down and really work towards finding your purpose. It might not come straight away but when it does – you will know what to do.

I would love to know what you discovered your purpose to be, come tell me on Instagram.

Sending Love + Peace
Teags Lee xx


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