Why candle gazing helps with your concerntration


Have you noticed that your attention span is getting shorter and shorter? Noticed that you can’t stay focused on anything? Tasks are taking x3 longer to accomplish? Well, you are not alone. We’re living in a time where we expect things at a click of a button. 

What is candle gazing?

It’s all in the name. Gaze at a candle. Set your space up, maybe close the blinds if it’s daylight and pop a timer on.

It is as simple as that.

Place the candle about arms length away and chest height for the most comfortable meditation.

Trataka is the name for this candle gazing. It is simple yet powerful to cultivate concentration and focus. It also is a third eye cleansing technique as you stare at the candle the eyes will water cleansing from the inside out. Trataka is also used to balance the nervous system, relieving nervous tension, anxiety and depression. It can also help insomnia. 

Your wavering mind

It happens almost every time you meditate – you mind wanders off. 

The to-do list, the dream you just woke from, the course you have coming up, what your partner said yesterday that is still annoying you, what that boy said to you in 7th grade, your back is hurting, what time does the shop open.

Relatable hey?

Now with our phones, everything is available in our hand/pocket. And we want it done yesterday. Along with the instagram algorithm your focus has gone to 3 seconds. Maybe less. You don’t even read the long captions anymore. You’re only captivated by half the 30 second reels on your scroll unless it’s your favourite like Peta Kelly who writes so beautifully you want to read everything she writes. Right?

You can’t learn anything unless it’s via a tiktok because that’s literally the length on your attention span. Thank god Tiktok has lengthened their video content.

Your mind is being created and built to waver. 

These days your mind is more scattered than ever. Your thoughts have never been so messy. Your ideas are unorganised. Even your words are short. You can’t listen to anyone tell a long story because it’s “too long”. 


This is getting ridiculous right? It’s completely relatable. It happens to every medi sitter/guru/king/queen.

But it doesn’t have to, 10 minutes in the morning can really set you up for success.

If you have a course coming up, a big work day – it’s a MUST!

How candle gazing works...

While you’re focusing on the candle, you’re training your mind to stay focused on one thing for a period of time. Increasing your ability to focus on what is in front of you.

You can either gaze at the candle the whole time or without blinking staring at the candle until you have to blink aiming to increase your time. 

I like to focus on the sensations (colours, the dance, warmth) of the candle until it completely takes over my mind. I ensure my breath is steady and into my belly (no chest breathing). 

Once your timer is done, sit for 5 minutes with your eyes closed to notice the effects and to slowly come back. I really like to journal after my meditations to see what comes up.

It’s really that simple. The hardest part is sitting down to actually do it.

You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day - unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour.


If you’re wanting to implement meditation into your morning and/or night routine. Start small. Choose a short time so you make it easy to stay consistent at. Then as you start to notice the changes in your focus, increase the time. 10 minutes is a really good place to aim for. 

Please report back to me and let me know how it went!

Love + Peace
Teags xx

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