How to journal along with my meditation

When you’re meditating, more often than not, a few thoughts pop into your head. You know not to dive into them during your meditation, but what do we do with them.

We journal.

Journalling can be as heavy as you want or as light as you need. You just need the right journal prompts to be able to get out what you need. To find clarity in your thoughts. You can go deep or you can keep it light. 

Here are some of my most helpful journal prompts

What is making me feel this way? Where has this thought / emotion come from?

What actions can I take right now to help this emotion? What do I need? Do I need a longer meditation, a healthy meal, an hours nap, to lay in the sun, to tick a few things off the to do list, to call someone to share the load or do I need to change the way I think about it?

How can I really take care of this? What do I really need to do to help this situation / emotion?

If I were to make a decision purely based on my needs and wants, what would it be? If I knew I wasn’t going to hurt anyone, what would I do / decide.

What does my heart really want? What am I yearning for?

Where do I need to open up the communication?

Where am I being too harsh on myself?

What am I really grateful for today?

How often should I journal?

As often as you feel you need to. Don’t let anyones perfect morning routine make you feel like you have to include it into everyday. If you are new to it, start out with when ever you feel like it. Then over time, you might just do it when you feel you need to. Or maybe you’ll want to do it daily.

Personally, I journal most days. There are days when my schedule looks really different and it doesn’t make it in. But most days I do it. Especially if I am processing anything, it really helps clear up mental clutter in the mind.

No food will ever hurt you as much as an unhealthy mind.

You mind is yours and you have it for your entire life – so why not clear up the space, rid the clutter and journal out a few kinks. 

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