The Four Core Pillars For Health & Happiness

There are four core pillars that I truly believe are the way to good health, yet not just your average health levels. I’m talking  THRIVING health levels where you’re feeling INCREDIBLE, able to live long, HAPPY AF and energy levels to match a 3 year old. 

We can either chose to survive or thrive.

Everything in life is a choice.

Everything surrounding you right now is there because of a choice you made. Of course there are things that are out of control, but I’m not talking about them.

We aren’t taught to make decisions for ourselves. At school we are told to do this, do that, at this time. And wait til break to go to the loo. And be a lawyer, doctor or teacher. Don’t think out side the box and definitely just do as you’re told.

We aren’t told to think for ourselves, or make a choice for ourselves. We also aren’t taught how to take care of ourselves. We aren’t even taught how to cook healthy meals. 

We are told to believe this ‘story’ that as you age and become ‘old’ you start to slow down, joints ache and that you aren’t capable of what you did when you were 21. Which I think is just feeding the system. Dr puts you on some tablets for your cholesterol and says that is what you’ll do til you’ll die. Then he tells you that the pain in your knees is normal for your age.  

It’s feeding big pharma, and if you don’t know what I mean, go have a little google.

We aren’t here to be told by the man, or the Dr, your your mates that we can’t thrive at all ages in this one life you get!

You aren’t in this life to suffer with low energy, hating your body, feeling lethargic or unmotivated. You are here to have lots of energy, run around like an idiot, laugh at yourself in the mean time and live a wildly successful life. Are you with me know?

Here are the FOUR Core Pillars of Health & Happiness






Very very simple. We just have to tick a few boxes and we are able to get on track to that energy, happiness and longevity!

It's truly simple. Yet why aren't we doing it

Because you’re looking for a quick fix, you’re putting others before you and you aren’t being honest with yourself.

Maybe you’re trying all the diets. You’re a new mum putting all your energy into the new born. There are possibly lies that you’re telling yourself, that you eat enough vegetables, yet they’re only ever on your dinner plate.

Let’s see why you aren’t managing these 4 core pillars.

Is it laziness? Get super honest here.

Have you just not noticed how unhealthily you’ve been living? It’s ok, just means change is in order. How exciting! You get to make the right choice now!

Is it just lack of knowledge? You don’t know what you don’t know. So now that you’re about to, you can then do better. No matter how many times you hear these things, it doesn’t mean that you’re embodying these. You might say ‘Yep Teags I know that one’, but then I’ll ask how many hours of sleep you had last week and the answer is… well we both know.

Ask yourself the following questions. Get the journal out.

Why aren’t I prioritising my sleep?

Why aren’t I prioritising my mindset?

Why aren’t I prioritising my movement?

Why aren’t I prioritising my food?

Once you see why, you can make the right decisions to go in the direction you actually want to. Action must occur, or you won’t ever feel like your health is thriving.

What is in your calendar, is what you priorities.

Today you make the choice to do better. Will you do it every day? No. And that’s ok, as long as you’re aiming to make them a habit that is what counts. Life will get in the way. Your old habits will return. It’s going to take some determination from you. Which you have got in you. You can do this!

Here are your base lines

If you want to start to THRIVE, then these are your core pillar base lines.

Sleep: 7-9 hours every night, quality hours with little to no disturbance, waking and rising at similar times. No ifs or buts, you need 7-9 hours. Set your alarm to remind you when you need to wind down. Then put that damn phone away. If you don’t sleep well, good luck trying to stay away from the sweets, going for a workout or thinking straight.

Mindset: Managing what is going on in your mind, re-wiring limiting thoughts, ridding negativity, noticing your mental health, getting help if you need and brining conscious awareness to thought patterns and stories. If you can’t think well you aren’t going to sleep well, eat well or want to move.

Movement: Ensuring that you’re getting at least 30 minutes of movement every day. Whether it’s a walk, yoga, surfing, running, dancing or rock climbing. I write movement so you understand that you don’t have to do a crazy 45 minute super sweaty work out every single day, the emphasis is on just moving every single day. If you’re predominately at the desk most of the day, aim to get your butt outside for some steps around your seated day. The more we move, the more we move that stale energy or stuck emotions from the body. The more we move the more happy hormones flow. The more we move the better we feel to eat.

Food: You are what you eat. Eating low vibe, you’re going to feel low vibe. Eating out of scarcity, scoffing food in front of a screen or binge eating through emotions, you’re going to feel all that x100. Eating a mostly plants, with a large variety is going to help you get all your vitamins and minerals for energy and to get your bodies cells thriving. Eating proteins in each meal is going to help you feel full, maintain portion sizes, help with recovery and your muscles. Incorporating complex carbs in most meals to help the brain and fuel your energy. Carbs are not the enemy, the amount you eat is.The better you eat the healthier your brain is, the better you eat the more energized you are to move and the better you eat the better you sleep.


This is all really simple stuff. We don’t all need meal plans (although they can help), we just need to take conscious care and put some effort into our thriving lives. If you’re feeling like you have a bad relationship with either of these, let me know so we can work on it.


It is all interlinked. We can’t thrive without one of these. They each play a very important role in the game of a thriving life.

If you ever feel like one of these you just can’t seem to manage (or maybe multiple or all of them), please do reach out – this is where I am really good at seeing what is missing from your equation. 

There is no need to continue on having a bad relationship with your sleep, mind, movement or sleep – I’m here to help. Message me on instagram @teagsleedotcom

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