Do these four things to live an extraordinary life


Let’s face it – there are always things that we can do to live a more fulfilling life. 

We so easily get comfortable with where we are and think “this’ll do”. We forget about living to thrive in this life and to continually strive for better. 

Now you might be thinking when is enough, enough? Isn’t it greedy to keep wanting? Will I ever be happy with what I have?

Great questions. But I want you to think about why you think like this? Why is it greedy to want things? Did your parents say this? Or is society saying that you should be comfortable with a university degree, a 3×2 house, a family of 2.5 and a yearly holiday? Who said that this ‘place’ had to be where we stop. Ask yourself why you have the things you already have in possession. Was it because it was trending or just something you think you needed to have? 

You will be happy when you’re doing what sets your heart of fire and when you have gratitude for it all. Enough is when you say it is enough. If you’re already there, then great! But I know these next four tips are still going to show you how to live an even more extraordinary life!

Let’s get out of our creature comforts and step into an extraordinary life!

Ask yourself this, what does an extraordinary life feel like to me?

We each have our own individual definition. 

It should be from the heart and determined through your values and morals. What you truely believe in and what you feel is best for you. What feels really really good to you?

Write it down. What does my extraordinary life feels like? What are the things I do daily? How do I act? How am I embodying this extraordinary life?

We first must know what we want to feel to be able to create that life for ourselves.

Step one - Keep learning

If you aren’t learning, you’re not growing. 

The ability to continue learning is going to help you to be more open minded, adaptable, relatable, resilient and it’ll allow you to reach your full potential while achieving all that you want to achieve.

We often think that because we go through schooling that is where the learning stops. If you want to start thriving in this one life you have – you best start learning a new skill, continue learning on a topic you’ve already studied or hire some help to teach you a new skill.

Whether it be a trade, business, sewing, language, self development, gardening, prospecting, horse riding, macrame, growing grass or breeding dogs. It doesn’t matter what you’re learning as long as it is what you really want to learn more about. 

If you dream of starting your own business, stop watching Gossip Girl and pick up a business book.

If you really want to learn how to paint, turn off Netflix and Youtube painting styles! 

If you want to speak a new language, hire someone to help.

You didn’t learn to ride a bike while playing Nintendo did you?

Go out there and start doing the actual things you want to learn about and or do! Your extraordinary life is waiting for you.

Step two - Journal and Meditate


If you want to know – like really know, what your heart truely desires, you need stillness. You need to set time aside to sit with your eye closed and aim to focus on the breath. See what comes up. Don’t judge, just notice. 

This space will bring clarity. I swear by it.

Now once you have sat in stillness for at least 3 minutes (yep that is all you need), write down what has come up. Jot it all down. Get it onto paper. Out of the mind and on to the paper. We hold way too many thoughts in our minds.

Was it something that is bothering you? > Re-write it as though it as been solved.

Was it something you really want to do in life? > Write it down and at least 3 steps you can take towards that goal.

Was it something that is bothering you from your past? > Find gratitude for this moment. Keep finding gratitude until you see it, until you feel the gratitude. It can take some time and tears are great. 

Using journal prompts will help you re-wire your thought patterns, encourage manifestations and getting all those messy thoughts organised onto a piece of paper will clear up some space in the mind.

In 2022 you have the shortest attention span you’ve ever had. You expect things in the instant of a click. When things don’t give us immediate satisfaction, we’re instantly deterred. We don’t have any quiet space and when we do we think we are bored or not doing enough. So we sit on our phone. If you’ve gotten this far in reading, congrats you’re one of the lucky ones! 

Give your self some white space to sit and stare at the wall. Allow your mind to meditate. Create that clarity for yourself. 

Why live and ordinary life, when you can live and extraordinary one.

Step three - Know your values and hold them high


How many times do we just let things slide. We settle for less than what we truely want.

Why? Because it’s easy. And your brain and everyone else’s brain is always trying to find the easiest way to do things. It’s a great skill but also can cause serious disharmony.

If you know what you want and you know what you value – stick to that and it will all come together. The universe is going to give you what you’re ready for – so be ready. 

This can be your main three to five values or just standards that you have for life. They can be ‘little’ or big’. But they all hold the same value as much as one another.

If you value connection yet don’t have strong relationships. You haven’t held yourself to your value, go work on your relationships.
If your standard of the house is not to wear shoes inside – don’t let people wear shoes in your house.
If you want a loving gentle partner, stop settling for less.
If you don’t want drama in your life, stop creating it.

If you want to travel 4 times a year – prepare for it, make it happen.
If your value is financial freedom, set yourself up to create this for yourself. Get help if you need.
If you value fun, purposefully go and have fun until it becomes automatic.

It goes for all areas of life. Living to your values creates a sense of success, fulfilment and happiness.


Step four - Create your own daily routine

Stop looking and listening what others morning routines are like. And start doing what you want to do. It is so important to tune into yourself as you wake and ask yourself what you need. 

Do you need to meditate to shift through a tough decision.
Do you need a run to get some endorphins flowing before a big day?
Do you need a bigger breakfast after yesterdays big day?
Are you craving water?
Is there a headache lingering?
Are you feeling fatigued?
Are you keen for a big gym session?
Has your period arrived during the night?
Do you feel a green smoothie is on the menu?
Do you have to journal and get some things off your chest?
Do you have to journal to re-write your thoughts for a big day ahead?

There is no one set routine that is going to be effective. Although there are some necessary steps to take to ensure your powering up your morning to set yourself up for an epic day.

Warm water or tea before caffeine
Move your body in some form; yoga, dance, gym, run, surf, swim, boxing etc
Look at your mind and see what it need; meditate, journal, deep breaths


These three steps will set you up for success for an extraordinary day.

I think that the most important thing is that we are consistently tuning into our inner direction for where we want to go and what feels good.

We should be always aiming to be inwardly influenced rather than outwardly influenced. It’s so easy to see what others are doing and copying. But tune in and ask yourself if it’s right for you.

Love + Peace 
Teags Lee xx

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