Health + Happiness Coexist – Restore Edition


Health + Happiness Coexist is a 30 day restorative deep dive into stepping into your healthiest and happiest version on yourself. Every day you cover a new topic to transform your mindset, habits (fitness, nutrition, thoughts), values and goals to step into your potential and live according to your deepest desires




Introducing MY FIRST 30 Day Program!

If this was something that I could have gotten my hands on 10 years ago – I would have. Maybe even going through school this would have been seriously game changing to build a strong mindset, a strong vision + healthy habits. But I guess I wouldn’t be the person I am without those past experiences – same for you too. You have been lead here for a reason.

Over the last 10 years I have been on an absolute mission of finding, discovering, living, embodying a health and happiness journey and wow what a adventure it has been. If you are beginning your own journey or you have been for a while and you’re ready to start really diving deep and reaching those goals you have always wanted to achieve – this is going to help get you there, day by day.

30 days of restoring your entire being. A deep dive, a complete transformation to discover + step into your very own version of health + happiness.

Restore is for those who want a step by step process to be able to focus on your own goals and values to be able to take the steps in the right direction for yourself. It’s for those who want to finally feel good, like really good.

If you want to be your very best version of happiness and health – I am here to help provide you with the tools to empower your journey and to reach your goals and really start to feel happy and healthy.

Health + Happiness work in synergy.

It’s like strawberries and chocolate or converse and high socks.

Each day of the program is aimed to guide you into an abundance of health and overflowing with happiness.


How we tend to aim for goals..

When we aim for a fitness goal, usually it’s out of hate because we don’t like our body, or we don’t like the way we look at the beach with most of our clothes off. There is zero happiness in that. Then when we are trying to aim for happiness, we are doing it because we hate everything in our current life and then we end up resenting everything, hating everyone and ending right back where you started? Ridiculous creatures aren’t we?

Honestly, it’s not to stress. Like I said at the beginning – without your past experiences, you wouldn’t of landed here today – about to finally transform your health + happiness.

Knowledge is power, only when used consistently.

How we will learn to aim for our goals…

During the 30 days, you’ll learn the ins and outs of your mindset, your habits and how to live your version of health and happiness. So often these days we forget our own goals, we lose sight of our own vision because we are flooded with other peoples goals, dreams and ambitions. You are following people on Instagram and you see trends – that everyone has the same things, is doing the same thing and acting the same way. If you continually consume this, this becomes your goals without you realising. Then 2 years later you notice you have been trying to live someone else’s dreams – you feel empty and unhappy and your health is non existent.

Maybe you’re working so hard to impress your boss, providing for your family or supporting someone (none are bad goals) – but you realise, your goals aren’t even a shimmering glimpse in the far far distant because you have once again been living someone else’s dreams/life/goals.

Maybe you have been trying and starting over again, having set back after set back and you just need some serious guidance and a legit holistic approach to finding your happiness and your health – then here is your chance to reach those goals and start to feel how good life can be.

Today is the day, you decide to take care of yourself, transform your health and happiness and live exactly how you want to.

What EXACTLY is in the program?

A 30 day restorative deep dive into stepping into your healthiest and happiest version on yourself. Every day we cover a new topic to transform your mindset, habits, values and goals to step into your potential and live according to your deepest desires.

  • How to discover and live your version of happiness.
  • How to discover and live your version of health and wellness.
  • How to manage your weight and find a beautiful relationship with yourself.
  • How to eat without counting calories and stressing about food.
  • How to take care of your sleep and getting a good nights rest.
  • Meditating made easy for all the busy people with busy minds.
  • Finding out how to discover what gives you butterflies again.
  • And so much more to help you on your journey to step into your happiest and healthiest self.

You’re allowed you to define your own version of happiness and health. Learn the tools to be able to really dive in and up-level your health.

The program will be emailed directly to you with the link to the Teags Lee Community Facebook Group.
Here we will create a community of like minded people who are also creating their very own version of happiness and health. In the group we can share, inspire and empower each other through your individual journey to health and happiness. Sometimes when we go on these big self development and transformation journeys, we feel lonely. The groups is to support each other and to build a circle of friends and a support crew that all want the best for each other. Plus I am present in the group to help support you on your path.

This is an eBook and no refund can be made.


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