living consciously – sustainable swaps.

It’s really nice to see that the world is taking a more active approach to living consciously and finding more environmentally sustainable swaps. From the products that we purchase, the food we consume, to the items that we are using on a daily basis & how we go about our day.

It’s important that we all start to think about how we can help the environment and ourselves and our futures children. The landfills are overfilling and they are only getting more full. The plastic in the ocean is reaching extreme amounts and even plastic is being found in ocean animals. It’s absolutely devastating. Let’s make a change.

Firstly, I am not perfect. But all we can do is make an effort every day to help the planet. You might think that as one person what does it matter, but if you simply think of all the things you have thrown out to where that goes, it’s enough to make a change today. Also if every individual thought that, and made one small change that is a massive difference. Together as individuals we can make a change.

Here are the things that I have swapped out to help the planet.

Take Away Coffee Cups
CONSCIOUS SWAP – Take 5 and sit and enjoy the coffee in a washable cup. Or purchase a keep cup, I have the Sea Shepherd one from Keep Cup as well as one for those longer trips a Hyrdo Flask that keeps it almost too hot. I have this motto that I can’t have a coffee unless I have my KeepCup or I have to sit down or I just can’t have one.

Plastic Water Bottles
CONSCIOUS SWAP – Purchase a water bottle that you can refill. I have the Hydro Flask bottle and it is game changing for keeping your water cold and it’s a very durable bottle (I usually break other bottles because I lean towards the really clumsy side of the population, as you’ll see in the dints of mine pictured).

Plastic Cutlery
CONSCIOUS SWAP – When travelling I always try take a knife, fork, spoon & straw with me. The brands that I use are Ever Eco for my straw and my other cutlery are just out of my kitchen draw. I actually got a new set for Christmas from EcoBasics, and I am loving it! The set helps being FIFO because I got caught with my Great Grandfathers knife in my carry on – whoops!

Plastic Bags
CONSCIOUS SWAP – Re-useable bags. There are so many out there these days its amazing! I have a couple of bags that I bought in Bali as well as some other random ones. My bag collection mostly comes from Cotton On because the proceeds go to the Cotton On Foundation to empower youth through education.

Face Wipes
CONSCIOUS SWAP – Cotton face towel. I haven’t used these in years but I see them still used a lot. I use a good cleanser in the shower and if I am wearing heavy make up I will use a face towel to help remove the make up (gently).

CONSCIOUS SWAP – Buying your items in bulk if possible. I am only just getting good at this one. Trying to buy from the health shop when I can to use my jars rather than being the packet foods.

What do you do to live more consciously? What one are you going to work on next?

Also, what are your favourite clothing brands that are made ethically, sustainably and environmentally friendly? I need some ideas as I slowly switch my wardrobe to eco friendly / sustainably made brands.

Peace & Happiness
Teags Lee x

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