follow your dreams and let the adventure unfold.

When I was living abroad in Europe my mum sent me a massive package of things for my birthday and amongst it all there was a charm with this quote written on it ‘Follow your dreams and let the adventure unfold’.
Where the quote came from, I’m not sure.

Since I was ‘old enough’ to leave home. I did.

I had always wanted to travel for as long as I could remember. I used to wander around our garden in Timboon pretending I was on an adventure to a new place. I would walk around the bush areas for ages, discovering new nooks in the bush. I was obsessed with being outside finding cool new places.

So once I finished school I made my way to Geraldton, then to Ravensthorpe and floating around here and there then making the big move to The Netherlands. I returned back home to Australia, lived all over Perth city, floated all over the place before landing in a beautiful nook of the south coast of Western Australia.

I never needed anyone to accompany me. I never needed anyones help. I never needed anyones permission. I was purely doing exactly what I wanted to do. I just followed my dreams of travelling and allowed each adventure to unfold. This is kind of what I become known for. Still currently still known for. People often ask me, so where are you living now, what are you doing now, are you in Australia? Believe it or not but at the time of writing this I have been in that nook for almost a year!

But this is just what my soul craves & aspires for.

So, this is your friendly reminder to go out there and chase your dreams.

Tune into our intuition for what you truely want to do. Block everyone else’s goals and look inside of yourself and dig deep to what makes you happy. What lights your soul on fire?
Here is where you will discover your purpose and your pure bliss. Happiness is always within us, we just have to uncover it and let it burst out of us.

You are capable of everything you want.
It is more than ok to have more than one purpose for the planet. It’s ok to not want what your parents what for you. It’s ok to differ from the crowd. I honestly think it’s better to be different to the crowd. It’s ok to stand our as different. Embrace yourself, love yourself, here you’ll discover happiness and adventures.

What are your biggest dreams?
Where does your heart feel happiest?
What adventure do you want to create for yourself?
What makes your heart shine? What gives you butterflies?

Teags xx

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