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Well Hi, Welcome to the new!

I’d love to know your thoughts of the new website! It took me so long, so many hours thinking I should throw my laptop at the wall and equally so many hours of being excited that I have actually achieved a task! It was a real life rollercoaster! haha

Let’s do a little life update, because a lot has changed and a lot has happened! And not to mention this space is where I share everything… so…

The last blog post was June 2021… Which seems to be a lifetime ago…

June was the month I went up to Exmouth and Coral Bay. Zig and I camped alone, which didn’t really feel I was alone because my friend was in the back packers across the road. I also finally got to swim with the whale sharks which was an absolutely amazing trip! I felt very lucky and very grateful for the Ningaloo Discovery team.

At the end of June, I bought Boston. My 2012 Troopy. So proud and so happy! FYI it’s a girl. I love her so so much and we have already had some epic trips together.


July and August I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with the amazing Brad and Mia Hay. It was a beyond incredible experience. I was meant to head to Byron Bay BUT, Byron managed to get Covid a week before we were meant to fly out. Nevertheless the magical space that Brad and Mia was the most amazing online space I have ever experienced.

Also in August I climbed Bluff Knoll with two of my beautiful friends! It was such an epic time, I can’t wait to do it again! I am thinking to write a blog post about this too. Let me know if you’d like that?

In September I went to Karijini. Holy moly, it was amazing!! I’ll write a blog post another day about this. Because the whole experience deserves it!

At the end of September, while working a few days at the Port, I got the call that the mine site was closing down. What a whirl wind of emotions – you can just imagine. My entire business is built around this company and this mine site. I was in the middle of making a decision to move to Geraldton or not.

I spent 2 weeks talking to everyone that has my best interest about whether to move to Geraldton or not. I didn’t have a job there any more. Or a business. But, I was ready to move from the south west. I was ready for warm weather and well new everything. So I made the decision to get myself a job in Geraldton and move up asap.

October I had my first birthday party sober. I didn’t have one the year before because I honestly thought that people wouldn’t come to a party where I wasn’t drinking. Ridiculous – I know. I am so thankful to the people around me that really embrace this side of me. Forever grateful of those who never ask me to ‘have a drink’. It was a burning man themed party and we lit a massive burn pile on farm, took lots of photos and had some good chats.

Also on the day of my birthday party, I got a call that my lovely Great Pop had passed. So a trip to King Island was booked.

So I was leaving Yallingup, to go to King Island and move to Geraldton all in a week. Very interesting times. Would I have it any other way? I guess not.

King Island was amazing. It’s my mothers birth place and a place we all call our island home. We have spent many holidays here growing up. As sad as the situation was, he was at peace so really it was a time of celebration and I guess you could say relaxation. Knowing that he was at peace was much more comforting than him being in the hospital. While we were there we also got to explore Tasmania which we hadn’t really before so that was super special too.

We flew back and then 2 days later, me and Zig jumped into Boston (trailer in tow), and drove 7 hours up to Geraldton. It was quiet enjoyable. I love road trips with Zig. He is such great entertainment and company.

It took me a while to not feel so weird. I always said I wouldn’t live again in Geraldton. I just thought it wasn’t my vibe. But it’s now been almost 4 months and I feel like I have found my feet. So much so I feel ready to go again HAHA! Don’t laugh but this is just how I work. I get comfortable and it almost ‘bores’ me that I’d like to leave and explore a new place. I think it is simply because another place is calling me, so that it what I will do soon.

But being up here has really allowed me to expand. It’s been great being around people that I know, love me for me and being able to put my business out there. It hasn’t been easy but at least I haven’t felt as lonely as I was down south. Being out of the mining game has really helped with that.

It might seem like the last 6 months have been amazing, but don’t let the beautiful pictures fool you. It has been so tough. From feeling super lonely, pop passing, loosing the mining contract and moving places. It had definitely been a very bumpy ride. There was even times I was deeply unhappy. But on the other side of discomfort is expansion. Now that I am finally on the other side I can say it was all worth it.

It just takes listening to your heart and really doing what she is saying. We really do have all the answers within us. With meditation I have been able to listen, truely tune in and follow my hearts desire. You can too. Update

There are going to be a few new things… Click on the video below to see what is to come.


Until next week
Love + Peace

Teags Lee xx

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