Change the day with meditation

I’ve been doing this thing over the last 16 months or so and it’s changing the day with meditation.

Some days I just don’t run at 100% and that’s normal, I’m human. We can never expect to always run at 100%. But on those days where I know my mind is getting the better of me – I take a moment to reset through meditation.

I’ll often say to my friends ‘I’ve really got to meditate on this’, or ‘I need to sit in this for a good 45 minutes’.

I know that once I am out on the otherwise of a meditation, I’ll either have the answer/solution or at least feel calmer about the situation.

How to change the day with meditation

Where do I find these magical meditations?

Well, sometimes I just play my meditation playlist on Spotify and set a timer. Other times, when I need movement I will go for a long walk without my phone or it’s on flight mode. I just walk and completely focus on my breath and let the thought sit outside of my body for a while. Sometimes the thoughts don’t stay outside, but I find a different prospective on it.

My favourite app at the moment is Insight Timer. I also love Synctuition, but at the moment I’m on the Insight band wagon. There is so much available on there from meditations, courses, sleep mode, music, yoga, parents section, beginners guides, talks and heaps more. In the guided meditation section they have 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 30+ minute sections available. So while I am at work I defiantly meditate a lot less than at home. On my lunch breaks I usually do a 10 minute and then at night I always do 30 minutes. Also on the days that I gym in the morning I will do a short one too. I honestly just try squeeze them in where ever I can.

But mostly, I go to YouTube. I type in how I am feeling, then I scroll around one that I feel calls to me and then surrender to the meditation. Of course there are times where the voice or the sound irritates me and I have to change it. But I always find one that suits and the key is to surrender. I just let it take me to where I need to go.

The hardest part of meditation is surrendering.

We are so damn up tight and expecting so much from our meditations. We think we are meant to feel this complete bliss sensation, levitating from the ground and to feel completely at peace with life afterwards. And guys, let me remind you that this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it’s rare. Yes some of my meditations are wildly crazy and slightly out of this word. Sometimes I feel complete and utter peace and clarity. It can be such a surreal feeling. Tingles and lightness all at once.

Other times in my mediations, I finish more frustrated than when I started. Sometimes I don’t get the answers and downloads that I wanted. Sometimes I cry (who knew you could cry with your eyes closed) and there have been times I get nothing. Sometimes I just sit there and think about all the things I want to do and haven’t done yet and I feel worse.

But when I surrender, I get everything I need. The answers will come to you if you surrender. Focus on your breath until a thought comes and then bring that attention back to your breath. It takes time and some dedication to the practice, to really start to reap the benefits of meditation.

How to find a meditation that I like.

You are going to have to experiment. There are so many different types out there. The aim is just to get started. A super great app for beginners is Headspace. Download it now. It’s perfect for if you’re just starting out. There are ones that I could send you and maybe you hate it. It’s happened. I’ve sent my absolute favourite to people for sleep and they comeback and tell me they hated it. It just depends what you like and how much you surrender.

In YouTube, I literally type in ‘Guided Meditation for feeling confused/making big decisions/feeling unworthy/unloved/lost/unmotivated’, literally anything. I’ll search for manifestation meditations, spirit guides, angles to come forward. Literally anything that I want.

Once I tune in, I get comfortable (mostly I lay down, especially while I am healing my back at the moment), then I just listen to everything that is being said. It helps re-wire those thoughts. If I am feeling confused, I just let it take me on the path to change that. If I am trying to make decisions for this new business venture, I just let my meditation take me away.

I always gain knowledge from my meditation whether it’s from the speaker or something from within. We have to be receptive here or you’ll never get through those moments. You have to be willing to learn and surrender to be able to move through it. We are often so ridged and quick to judge. Allow all your thoughts to come forward and then just breath through them.

You already know the answers.

The one thing I have learnt is to stop asking people for advice. I’ve tried hard at stopping this probably 6 months or so ago. Why? Because we all have the answers within us. If you have a new business idea and you ask someone their opinion it could go two ways; they think it’s a bad idea or they are really supportive and think it’s great.

Ask yourself now if you have ever done this? I’ve done it many of times. Even with a new piece of clothing, a meal order, a new boy, a new job, business ideas, anything. I’ve done it for many years of my life.

That little inkling inside of you is correct. If you want a new job – it is meant to be. If you have an idea inside of you that you can’t stop thinking about – that is meant for fruition. Otherwise it wouldn’t be inside of you. It’s there because you have all the capabilities of making it happen. Why else would it be there? Ask yourself that.

It isn’t often that we can ask a friend for advice and get the answer we want. Especially, if it’s a little different from the mainstream lifestyle. People are scared to go outside of the normal. But, that my friends is where the good stuff happens. If you tell someone you want to open a health shop, they will tell you it’s expensive, hard to run your own business and tell you that so many other people are doing it. What a load of BS. If you have that desire within you, you will be successful without a doubt. I know it. Because it’s with in you.

It’s our conditioning that has made us seek answers from outside of ourselves. At school we are told that we have to ask for permission to go to the bathroom, we have to talk with our parents when we apply for university and we need to ask our friends if our outfit will suit the event. Honestly it’s wild. Take note of where you do this. Then ask yourself what you want. If you need to go to the bath room, go. If you want to study fashion but you know your parents want you to study accounting – study fashion. If you want to wear your new outfit to the casual BBQ – do it.

Surrender to your own knowledge within. Educate yourself around getting the answers from within. Meditate to find your clarity and inspiration you’re after.

You have the answers within you. If you can’t quiet hear it today – change the day with meditation.

Sending you all loads of love and peace
Teags Lee xx


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