My current skincare routine

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking up what new skincare to try, to add into my current skin care routine. Surely I am not the only one? Let me know in the comments below.

So let’s get straight into it.

My current skincare routine

Facial Cleanser. Salt by Hendrix

I start the morning in the shower with this gentle gel cleanser from Salt By Hendrix. I am a big lover of their products which I only started to try at the end of last year. This cleanser is super gentle and cleans that face without stripping the face of all its oils. I really like it too because you only need a tiny amount to wash your face. A little goes a long way.

Dope Skin

Once I am out of the shower, I pop one pump of this super hydrating Antioxidant Botanical Serum onto my face. It’s from a super cool Australian brand called Dope Skin. They were actually nice enough to send it out to me to have a try. Then I follow up with their Antioxidant Moisturiser which smells super yummy and light on the skin. It doesn’t leave you skin feeling too thick or too thin and dry still. It’s just the right amount to follow up with my suncreen.

Bondi Sands - Face Suncream

My friend actually got me onto this sunscreen because I was having trouble finding a natural one that didn’t break my skin out. I love this because it doesn’t have that sunscreen scent and it isn’t greasy. It’s also the only one that doesn’t break my skin out when I use it daily.


I am OBSESSED with these two little pocket rockets. These I have just continued to keep purchasing. They are amazing products for my sensitive and dry skin. I switch between the two depending on what I am after for the day. For my usual super dewy look, I pop a small drop of the Mermaid Oil on which is also from Salt By Hendrix. Then if I am looking for just a slightly less dewy look (haha hands up for dewy skin lovers?) I pop on my Maaemo Vitalize Face Elixir. Oh my gosh I love love love these products and they complete my skincare routine.


Then we go to body products.

Body Products

I just bought this new organic body moisturiser from this super cool shop in Fremantle called Zero Store. They have so many cool things, so if you’re in Freo (that’s us Australians’s shortening everything), pop in and have a squizzy. I also bought a new deodorant there because I forgot to order some more No Pong which I have used for so so long. But so far, 7 days in I am loving it. It’s super creamy and doesn’t irritate me. Also, on the important note – I am not smelly after a long day so that’s a win win. The deodorant is from Noosa Basics and I got the Lemon Myrtle scent because I love fresh scents. I also use the Australian tooth paste by Grants, because its super yummy and easy to buy. I am keen to try some tooth paste tablets, so let me know which brand you love.

RMS Beauty

Lastly, before I walk out the door I pop a bit of bronzer on. This one is from rms beauty which is an organic beauty product and I love it just to add a little bit of somethin’ to my face. I really like this as it give the perfect colour and a bit or a shimmer too. I haven’t worn make up in three years, but I like to add this to highlight my features.

That is everything that I am using at the moment in the mornings, minus my mascara which wasn’t pretty enough for a photo. I have had it maybe for too long and it just looks worn out. But it’s the Eco Minerals Mascara which is a natural, clean and sustainable brand from Byron Bay.

Let me know if you want to see more things like this and maybe I could do my night time skincare routine.

You’ll notice a trend that I really like to buy organic and natural products. What we put onto our skin, goes into our bodies so it’s super important to take care of the products we use. I’m still on the fence about sunscreen but I’d love to know your thoughts or if you have a natural one that doesn’t break your skin out.

Sending you all Love + Peace
Teags Lee xx

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