10 things that your coach should tell you

Sometimes, us coaches have a hard time trying to be everything for you. We want to inspire you, drive you to be your best and achieve all your goals. We want you to lose that 5kg, increase tyour muscle mass, improve your time and mostly we want you to love yourself for everything that you currently are, what you were and what you’re going to be.

We don’t want to show when we are so tired we feel shattered, when we are having a day off from the gym or enjoying a double scoop ice cream. Mostly because this won’t motivate you. But it will show you that we are real humans and we support a life in moderation and balance.

Here are 10 things that you should hear from a good coach.

  1. We have off days too. But we still workout.
    If we are having a day that we just aren’t ‘feelin’ it’, we check in with our bodies needs. Are we being lazy and forgetting our goals or are we actually in need of a rest day. A lot of the time we just put our trainers on, walk ourself to the gym and BOOM the work out is done.
    NO ONE (I repeat no one) feels 100% motivated every day. It’s impossible. So stop telling yourself that you have to find motivation because you could be looking for a long time. Remember your goal and stick to it. Be loyal to your goals.
  2. It will probably take longer than you think.
    Often we set goals that have a really crazy time frames on them. Set your goals with your coach, ask for their advice. It isn’t reasonable to drop 10kg in 1 week. When you realise it, you’ll think ‘this is too hard’ and revert back to old habits. Talk to your coach specifically about your goals. We are here to help as much as we can.
  3. There will be times that you think you aren’t progressing
    Along with body dysmorphia which is a serious issue some people honestly believe that they have a bigger body than they do. We live in a society of perfectionism so remember not to be too harsh on yourself.
    Sometimes we plateau too, so if you feel it happening check in with your coach. Sometimes we need to switch up our routine sooner than expected to shock the body to continue progression.
    There are also times where you mind is taking over and you just need to keep going to break through to continue seeing the results you are after.
  4. It may appear that people are achieving results faster than you
    Also due to the society we live in, it can seem as though people are making more progress than you. People can be flaunting their bodies on their socials or maybe you can see it. But remember to never compare yourself to others. It doesn’t do you or them any good.
    Results do no happen overnight – so don’t have those expectations on yourself.
  5. One work out didn’t gain you all your progress, therefore you won’t lose all of your progress from one meal.
    Don’t be afraid to enjoy a meal out with your family or friends. One meal isn’t going to destroy everything you worked for in the last week. Enjoy the meal and then simply return back to your normal way of eating. Never starve yourself the next day because you had a big dinner. Remember to listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry. Maybe you wake up and you’re just not hungry – then don’t eat. Wait until you’re hungry to start putting food into your body.
  6. We are in this team together.
    As a coach it’s common that people feel like they are still alone in their journey. You’re not. We are here for you every inch of the way. We want you to achieve all your goals. I can’t tell you how much I love it when a client messages me at 9:45pm at night asking about their food or their exercise program the next day. It makes me so proud that they reached out and that they know, we are a team.
  7. Lunges don’t really every get easy.
    Ahh the dreaded lunges. They just never get easier – but they are always really good for us. Just stay focused and keep doing them.
  8. You won’t ever disappoint me. Ever.
    This is a funny one because people really think that they will let me down if I see them straying from their personal program. But the thing is, I want the best for you but I know no one is perfect. I’m not ‘perfect’, so I’d never expect you to be either.
    While I am at work getting my breakfast and lunch in the kitchen in the mornings, people are always making comments on what they are eating and making excuses, cheeky smiles or avoiding complete eye contact. The thing is I don’t care if you’re having a muffin for the day. If you want it – bloody go for it. You can’t disappoint me. We are on a team. I will support you in all your decisions. The only time where I will say something is if you have a health issue that I am helping you with like diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol. But you still won’t disappointment me. You’re human. I am human.
  9. Don’t exercise as a punishment for what you ate.
    This is something that I see so often. I also have been there before. People in the gym trying to work off what they ate. If you are exercising through this mentality you’ll never achieve your goal. One; you’d have body dysmorphia and your perception will be all messed up. Two; you’ll continue making the ‘mistakes’ to have to continue in the gym to work off what you think was a mistake.
    If you are exercising at the moment because you hate your body. Stop.
    Do this for me. Before you work out or before you have a thought like this about your body; think of at least 5 things that you love and appreciate about your body. You have to change your mindset or you’ll never achieve your goals. Be grateful for your body is it is now. You have to love those parts about your body that you think are unlovable. Name that one part of your body that you hate and now thank if for everything it is. It’s very hard but very powerful.
  10. You GET to train. It’s an absolute privilege.
    This one stems from the last point. Sometimes we say ‘I have to go to the gym’, and this comes from a place of lack. We have to go to the gym to work off that burger or that chocolate. If we can change the way we talk about our training its going to start feeling a lot better.
    You need to see that training is an absolute privilege. Find gratitude in the fact that you get to go to the gym. You are able to pay for your membership. You’re healthy enough to walk yourself to the gym. You’re possibly even fortunate enough to drive yourself to the gym. There are so many things that we can be grateful for. Especially when it comes to our health.

There are a lot of other things your coach so tell you, but these are the ones that help you know you have a good coach. Sometimes we show tough love but that is all it is. We love you and we want you to achieve your goals, so sometimes we have to be tough to help you break those old patterns.

If you ever have a question, don’t be afraid to reach out.

Love + Peace
Teags Lee x


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