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If you’re wanting to dive deeper into your self development and spiritual growth, these have been my top 5 podcasts that have helped open my mind and show me there’s more to our worlds than we think.

In 2017 I realised I always had this innate feeling inside of me that I kind of pushed down because I didn’t want to seem a bit weird. I didn’t want people to know that I meditated every day, drew my cards on a regular basis and preferred sandalwood incense over anything else. So I didn’t grow very much personally or spiritually for a while because I didn’t want to seem different.

From a young age I found meditation to help calm me down. I was very highly strung and a very angry girl. When I tell people who didn’t know me growing up they find it hard to believe. Which is really nice. I have come a very long way. Going through my late teens, I lost my meditation practice but instead I had my running. Running still to this day is a moving meditation for me – my mind focuses on one thing; my breath. Then once I realised I had been hiding this desire to grow spiritually and stronger within, I instantly started diving deep into these podcasts and I found my meditation again and really took life with two hands and a full grip.

Podcasts and books is where I get my education from. I try loads of different things out, then I settle on what works for me and get rid of the things that don’t serve my highest good (like fasting while at work). I believe we are all our own guinea pigs and we have to go through trial and error because no two bodies are the same. What one person does, might feel horrible to others. Like running. Running feels absolutely amazing to me. While others knees hurt and swell afterwards. You can’t take what one person says as gospel. You must try it all out for yourself.

Here are my top five FAVOURITE Podcasts.

The Melissa Ambrosini Show

Melissa is a wealth of knowledge who is so gentle with her approach and has such great intentions to live the healthiest and happiest life possible while inspiring us to do the same. She interviews thought leaders from around the world from Sahara Rose, Dr. Stephen Cabral, Rich Roll and so many other amazing people.

On the podcast they talk about everything from pregnancy, fitness, neurology, microbiome, cleaner living, plastic in the ocean, sleep and soooo much more! Melissa’s podcast has helped me look deeper within and really sort through who I want to be and what I want to bring to the world. Her words ‘daily inspired action’ are literally etched into my brain. So every day I think, ‘what is one thing no matter the size can I do today that future Teagan will thank me for’. It has been such a game changer in my organisation, business and personal life.

The Kimberley Wenya Podcast

Kimberly is a manifestation and mindset coach who aesthetically blends manifestation with a modern day twist. I say aesthetically because everything she does is like music to my ears and art to my eyes! Kimberly recently had Dr. John Demartini and talked all about the science behind manifestation – mind wavering. She is living proof that we can all have what we want with the right tools and mindset. Kimberley has helped me set clear goals for the business, life and really helped me put one foot in front of the other.

EXPANDED with Lacy Phillips

I only discovered this podcast about 1.3 years ago, but boy do I wish I got onto it earlier. Lacy is all about psychology, neuroscience and our energetics and holy moly can I just say once you dive into a few of these podcast your brain is going to need some time to take it all in.

Since my drive to work this last 16 months, takes 7 hours (one way), I have had a lot of time to tune in. Which is probably the amount of time I needed to wrap my head around the concepts to help grow, heal and thrive in my own life. From inner child work to finding expanders – it has made me feel more on top of my life and my actions than ever before. I love how much science Lacy and her team bring to the table to really help you understand how us humans work and how extensively complex we are.

Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen

Whether this podcast seems a bit left field to you or not – I’m here to tell you to get this into your ears. Juliet is a leading sexologist and tells a bloody great story that I always giggle to. I can’t even tell you how many friends I have recommenced this to that has helped their relationship with them self, their relationship with their lover and their new relaxed energy around sex.

I have always been a very open person, but I know majority of the population isn’t. And that isn’t anyone’s fault except society standards. We are taught in school that sex is secretive, a little bit slutty, maybe even dirty and you most definitely don’t talk about it. We are taught that sex is for babies and shouldn’t happen until you’re with your life long partner. Which I’ve just never bought into any of that crap and neither has Juliet and I just freaking love her morals and her values.

She talks about everything from relationships, sex and so much more. Listening to these has made me so much aware of how society sees sex and relationships. Listening to this poddy has allowed me to tune into myself more and honestly help so many of my friends it’s unreal.

The Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose

Ahhh one of the leading voices in spirituality. If you are yet to tune into this podcast, get ready for some passionate energy and some serious learnings. Sahara is so on her path it’s unreal and she helps you do just that. Through listening to her podcast I’ve been able to tune into my own gifts, live in my dharma and live in my highest self.

Sahara’s knowledge has allowed me to continue evolving as I continue leaning into my dharma. I learn so much about my own energetics as well as others. This blew my mind for about a year I reckon until I came to terms to being an energy. We are all different energies vibrating at different levels.

Bonus Poddy – Rich Roll

The ridgy didge of poddys. Rich was podcasting when we didn’t even know podcasting was a thing. I don’t know what inspires me more about Rich: his determination for being an ultra-athlete or his drive to empower us to unleash our highest potential. Talk about inspiring.

Rich has had the coolest people on his poddy from Navy Seals, Matthew McConaughey to Turia Pitt. He talks about everything from our fitness potential, alcohol addiction, brain health, habits, the ocean, Olympics, technology, literally everything. Rich’s podcast have opened my eyes to so many aspects of life that I have never considered before. I am always trying to make myself better day by day, moment by moment and this has helped beyond measures!

That’s a wrap guys.

If you happen to resonate with one of them please do let me know when you give them a listen. We can bond over how amazing they are. With my 7 hour drives to work – I have probably listened to them.

One thing I have learnt about self growth, without action you stay the same. The exact same. Scary hey? When we hear a piece of information, give it a go and see how it feels. Also remember that making changes are hard, very hard. Especially that inner child work. Take your life with two hands plus a firm grip and be the person you want to be.

This life is the one life you get, so do what you wish with it. Making big changes can take years and that is ok. Good things can take time but you 111% deserve.

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Until next week
Sending you all
Love + Peace
Teags Lee x

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