deep conversations. how to listen and how to be listened to.

I love those chats where you go beyond what meets the eye. Far past the surface level. It’s those conversations you had when you were 14-16 sitting on your bed with your best friends. Discussing anything and everything and hours slip past. You’re in this crazy vortex of life and then you’re sharply brought back into the world when mum shouts “dinners on the table”, and you swear you only just sat down.

Those conversations where you are able to feel the relationship bonding tighter and you can really decipher what has been going on in your brain when you are able to say it out loud, with non-judgmental ears listening.

It’s those chats where you can talk about all those ‘taboo’ topics without judgement, you can talk about your crazy dreams, your future prospects, how the universe works, how the stars align, how we are having a bad day, going through a tough life lesson, mistakes we have made.

ALL without any judgement, no ego involved, just pure attentive listening and support being given.

How to have a deep conversation

When you start learning all about connection, you start on this self development journey and you’re getting a little bit more conscious – you crave conversations deeper than surface level.

Being able to just listen to a friend, or a stranger and just listen, isn’t something we are taught how to do.

To listen and not offer any judgement or advice and just simply listen. Sometimes we just need to talk, we aren’t after advice or recommendation, judgement or an ego response. We just like to be heard.

As humans, we crave connection. We crave to be understood. We crave love. We crave for someone just to want to listen and we desire the feelings of being heard. Be that person for someone and it then should be reciprocated. 

Offer an open heart, an open ear and be just present within that moment.

Often we don’t have the words and that is more than ok. Just listen. You don’t need to think of the next thing to say. Just listen.

Want deeper conversations and you’re not sure what to talk about?

Deep conversations are what build deeper connections and more meaning to life. When we say things out loud it helps us sort our minds thoughts out. Being able to trust someone with these thoughts builds a tighter bond.

If you want more connection and want to talk about a subject – just approach it with love and it will be received with love. It is important not to shut down any conversation because it’s ‘too surface level’, bring the topic in with interest and always love.

What topics do you just love talking about? What could you discuss all day?

Here are some topics and questions;

  • Love, Relationships + Friendships
  • Goals + Dreams
  • Values + Morals
  • Career dream
  • Dream Life day in the life looks like
  • If you could do anything right now and time and money weren’t an object what would you do?
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Self love rituals
  • What are you bettering in your life right now?
  • In 3 years where do you want to be?
  • Ego and letting it go
  • Living with intention
  • What is your purpose?

Remember that you may not see eye to eye on all these topics but it’s about allowing others to have their opinion and belief and being ok with it. We are neither wrong or right – it is just our own individual belief. 

Remember to listen and not to offer your opinion unless it is asked for. Don’t judge the answers, just listen.

I love to see where peoples minds can go. l enjoy watching them unravel their thought processes and why certain situations have happened in their lives. I find pleasure to let people talk and just talk about what they need to get off their chest. It is also equally amazing when this is reciprocated by my friends to so I also have the chance to feel heard.

I would love for you to leave a comments of what you love to talk about and we can have a chat below.

Love & Peace
Teags xx

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