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If you’re new here, welcome. If you’re a regular reader, thank you. Thank you for returning and deciding to spend a few minutes of your day with me. I really appreciate you all. I’d love to know where in the world you are from?

I hope that you are all well + having a good Wednesday (or what ever day you’re reading this).

On site this week we are celebrating and raising awareness around RUOK? Day and it’s making me really take note on all the little things that really improve my health and especially my mental health. I also notice the difference in the people that I work closely with and how different they are on the days they don’t come to the gym or when they haven’t drank water for the day etc.

So I thought I would give you 6 of my own health tips to help you today, which have had a profound effect on my mental health.


screen time

About a month ago (it could even be two months, time can past so fast), I set time restrictions on my social apps. I set Instagram for 45 minutes and it locks me out of it until the next day. Of course you can ask for 1 more minute, 15 minutes or to ignore the limit. Which I have done all of the above, but I really try keep it to 45 minutes otherwise I could scroll and search for hours.

I have noticed that my creativity is so much stronger and my intuition is much more clear. Without consuming all this content and information – my creativity flow is coming through strong. I have 6 accounts that I watch as they inspire me in different aspects + I check a few of my friends accounts and that is it.

Without all that extra time scrolling I have found that my self confidence is strong and I feel powerful in myself. You should know that I am not one to compare my self consciously, but I would say it happened sub consciously because I feel so so much better with myself. So that has been a really nice feeling to have.


There is nothing more annoying than a conversation that is crap, negative and pointless. Honestly I don’t have time or energy for it. I have been really cut throat with who I am conversing with recently. Don’t get me wrong, I love good quality banter and piss pulling (Aussie slang for making jokes) but, there is a time and place for it. In the last year I have been making the effort to ask people how they are, like really how they are going. It has been one year where I lost a work colleague on site to suicide and then a month later having lost a good friend too. So since then it has been my mission to check in with peoples mental health. Not that I’m a psychiatrist, but I have a genuine care that everyone is happy and I have a good pair of ears that will listen. So if you’re reading this and you really need to have a chat, please do contact me – I will always listen.

move frequently

If you are a frequent Gym Goer, Pilates Lover, Yogi bear, Walking Queen or Surfing Fanatic – you know that when you stop, you’re body starts to hurt and not move so well. So this is your friendly reminder that even on those big stressful days and those big work days to still go out and move your body.

Our bodies need movement for optimal functionality. If you need help with any coaching, programming or even an accountability buddy, you know where to find me.

For all those desk sitters – move frequently throughout your whole day. I have been leaving my desk at least twice every hour, just to walk around and throw a few stretches in there. Stretch your hamstrings and move your spine to help increase your mobility.

eat more vegetables

I feel like this is so obvious and I shouldn’t have to say it but every time I do a nutrition consult with clients, this is the one thing that really stands out. People are not eating enough vegetables. I know that when the food options on site aren’t at their best – my energy levels aren’t at 100%. I always make sure I have fruits and vegetables in every single meal. If you want more energy and a clear mind – get more vegetables into you.

drink water

At the moment I am running a 21 day health program at work and one of the habits they have to track is their water in take. The stats are crazy – 85% of the people are not drinking enough water. Without enough water, my mind is foggy, skin is dry, my muscles ache + my digestion is slow, so I can’t imagine how others feel.

After our gym class last night, someone was feeling very sick and they had a really bad headache – so I asked if they had drank water. The response was no. If I had known that previous to the work out I would have sent him off to go have a cup of water. Just so you know, this person worked a 12 hour day and the weather temperature was 37 degrees. Crazy hey?

Water is essential to survival. Have a cup of water when you wake, before your coffee and before you eat anything. Hydrate your digestion and the rest of your body upon waking and notice how you feel different. If you try this, I want you to contact me on Instagram + let me know how different you feel. Rather than reaching straight for a coffee, have a cup of water and thank me later.

genuine gratitude

Another thing that the site residents have to track on this 21 day health program are three things they are grateful for every day. What I have noticed is they say things like “I am grateful that I get to go home today, because it’s been a tough swing”. Which to be honest, isn’t really gratitude is it?

Since my friend brought me a gratitude journal (such a great gift, thanks Feleasha), I have been writing down the things I am grateful for in the morning and at night. Since doing this I have found a new light inside of me for the gifts of life. I have really found a true genuine gratitude for everything that happens in life. I always say, “everything happens for a reason” and now I am full body consciously grateful for everything in my life (even those things we classify as ‘bad’).

It’s been quiet the realisation. I feel like I up-leveled my gratitude from ‘It’s ok, everything happens for a reason’ to ‘I love and accept all lessons good or bad in my life’.


So, there you have it – 6 health tips that have helped my health and mental health. I would love to know what has really resonated with you?

Enjoy your day.

Sending lots of Love + Peace

Teags Lee xx

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