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How is everyone going at the moment? Let me know in the comments below. How are you going with this new ‘normal’? I hope that your mind is strong and your drive to do what you want is even stronger!

Today I really wanted to talk about those dreaded scales and weighing yourself. Those ones in the bathroom that you either have been avoiding since January or the ones you get on every morning.

Whether your a scale stepper every single day or you avoid the scale like the plague I have a few tips for you to create a really good relationship with your scales.

Firstly, so you have a little bit of background knowledge and you’ll be able to relate. I have looked at the scales before and they have told me I have been 15kgs heavier than I am right now. The scales have also told me that I am about 5kg heavier right now then what I have been before.

So I get it – when we just on those scales, it can go one of two ways.
1. You freak out that you have gained weight
2. You freak out that you just aren’t where you once were 10 years ago.

What we want to get into the habit of thinking when we get on the scales is – ‘cool I am on track for my goal’ or to choose a healthy and positive thought to go through your mind. It’s a choice, it won’t come naturally – you have to force the thought first to make it a habit, to create that mindset.

I firmly believe that weighing yourself daily creates a really bad relationship with yourself. It puts pressure on you to not eat that day so you can loose that 0.4kg you gained. Then you hate yourself for gaining that weight. Then, if you’re similar to me and  how I used to think and you say ‘f&%k it’ and you just binge for the day and you feel worse and gain even more weight and then it spirals out of control. Can anyone else relate?
Or maybe the scales say you have lost 1kg so then you ‘treat yo self’ and yep you can guess what happens the next morning when you hop on the scales.
It can be a viscous cycle.

Here is how I have changed my relationship with the scales

1. You are not your weight.
No matter what the scales say – this isn’t who you are. This doesn’t tell you how worthy you are or how good of a person you are. So don’t let it make you feel unworthy or crappy.

2. Weigh yourself at the same time of the day.
Some say to throw the scales out.
I believe that they do have a place. If you have the right mindset.
Weigh yourself either weekly or fortnightly: same day of the week + same time of the day.
There isn’t much that should change from day to day.
You can’t compare your morning weight to your after lunch weight. In general we are heavier in the afternoons – that’s ok and completely normal.
If you are weighing yourself, you need to also take your measurements. What can happen is we can potentially not loose any weight but our waist measurement can go down. This can be due to a few things including loosing fat, increasing muscle, getting rid of water weight, reducing inflammation, time of your cycle (ladies) or you need to go to the bathroom.
Please note: when you do weigh yourself and the thought pops into your head that you are too heavy, not good enough or feeling ashamed – immediately tell yourself that you are doing well and you are making progress. Do not let these thoughts hold space in your mind. Accept the numbers for what they are – numbers. The numbers aren’t to make you feel more or less than you are.

3. Ask yourself why are you weighing yourself.
Are you weighing yourself because you are fearing failing back into old habits.
Are you weighing yourself because you hate your weight at the moment?
Are you weighing yourself because you want to reach 70kg to feel happier?
Are you weighing yourself to look better for someone else?
If you said yes to any of these – that’s ok – we have all been there before.
But, today we are changing that.
All of these thoughts are in fear of something. Fear of old habits, fear of your own weight, fear of not being happy, fear of being alone or not loved. We know that we must always make decisions from a place of love. We must always think through a loving prospective. If you want to make change, make change from a place of love.

4. Weigh yourself because you are a better version of yourself and you are getting healthier every day in every moment.
Affirm – “I am getting healthier every day”.
Weigh yourself because you love yourself not matter your weight.
Affirm – “I am amazing the way I am right now”.
Weigh yourself because you feel happy right now. Don’t wait until you reach the weight – decide to be happy now.
Affirm – “I am happy no matter my weight”.
Weigh yourself for you and your goals.
Affirm – “I love myself, I love my weight and I love who I am becoming”.

5. Have you set an achievable goal + achievable actions to reach the goal?
Have you set your goal weight for what you weighted when you were 20?
I would suggest that set a goal that is realistic and healthy for your current age, lifestyle and true desires.
Have you set a goal to loose 10kg in a week?
I would suggest that you extend your period and really ask yourself if you actually have 10kg to loose. If so, then ask yourself are you taking healthy actions to help shift the weight? Are you changing up your nutrition, exercise routine, taking care of your sleeping habits and your stress levels? Are you reaching out to a professional to get the help you really need?
Really check in with your goals, so when you get onto those scales you know what to expect and what is achievable.

If you would like help setting realistic goals please contact me – I would love to help.


At the end of the day, I hope that everyone has a good relationship with themselves and their body. Our bodies are amazing and it is our home. Treat yourself kindly + please do reach out if you need any help.

Sending lots of Love + Peace
Teags Lee xx



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