5 reasons why you can’t stay consistent in the gym


Do you ever wonder why you aren’t able to stay consistent in the gym? Why your progress is always lacking?

A few years ago (try 10) when I first started in the gym I would always go hard one week and then not do much the next week. I’d have a big weekend and then struggle to get myself back into the gym that week. We have all been there when our gym routine has been non-existent.

There are so many reasons you can’t stay consistent but here are 5 we can move through together and create consistent efforts.

  1. You are going to the gym for all the wrong reasons.
    You think it’s what you have to do to loose weight. You go to the gym because you hate your body. You go to the gym to fix your body that you think is broken. You go to the gym because everyone does, but you secretly hate it.
    Find the right reasons to go to the gym. Go to the gym because you love your temple and you want to take care of her/him. Go to the gym with an aim to beat your own personal record. Go to the gym for yourself and your self care.
  2. You only go to the gym when you feel motivated.
    The thing about motivation is that it comes and goes. There are going to be days where you feel tired so you skip the gym. There are going to be days where you had a bad day at work and all you want to do is get home and crawl up onto the couch and watch a brain numbing tv show. There are going to be days where you run late and you only have 25 minutes for the gym so you skip it any way.
    Make your work out a non-negotiable. Understand why it’s important to you and just do it. Just get to the gym – don’t think about it. Just rock up at the gym and do what you came there to do. Of course there are days where you need to listen to your body and have a rest but make sure you don’t start using it as an excuse.
    We all know the hardest part of the gym is actually getting there. Once you’re there, you do your thing. Don’t think of the process – just get yourself there.
  3. You actually hate the gym
    If you actually don’t enjoy a gym scene, then don’t do it. Join a boxing gym, a pilates studio, a CrossFit Box, Dance Classes or online classes. Finding something that you actually enjoy doing is so important to a consistent and healthy exercise routine. Too many people join a gym because they think it’s the next best trend to loose weight. Do what you enjoy and it’ll be easy to consistently work out and get the results you’re after.
  4. The gym just isn’t your priority right now. And that is ok.
    Life its self is a balancing act, let alone adding the gym in there. It is ok if your priorities change. When you become a mum, of course your gym routine is going to change. When you take on a new job things can get a little messed around until you find a new routine. When you’re travelling sometimes you’re so flat out and exhausted you just can’t maintain consistent visits to a gym. All of these situations are ok and we shouldn’t be so harsh on ourselves when our priorities change.
  5. You’re a “I’ll start again on Monday” type of person.
    We have all been there.
    You go out on the weekend, eat like crazy, drink more than you know you should have and you say, “I’ll start again on Monday”. Monday comes around but little did you know that you have a second day hangover. You get a croissant on the way to work and order Uber eats for dinner instead of going to the gym. You tell yourself you’ll start next week. Just make smart choices that moment after your big nights, and drag your butt to the gym or even just a walk if you’re struggling that much. Allow yourself these occasions and just eat right the rest of the time and continue in the gym. If we allow everything in moderation, you’ll stop having to start on Monday because you can just make consistent efforts to get yourself to the gym and eat right.


If the gym is your jam – go smash it.
If the gym isn’t your jam – then find something else.

It is so important that we move our bodies each day, even if it’s just a stretch or a light walk. We know the health benefits of why we have to do this, so having a consistent routine is paramount.

If you need help with a new gym routine please feel free to reach out.

I hope you’re all enjoying the form of movement you decide to do each day.
I’d love to know what form of sport, gym, movement you do?

Love & Peace
Teags Lee xx


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