17 ways to gain full body confidence

Somewhere in our youth we start to compare our bodies against others. We start hating our bodies because we don’t have the longest legs, the most obvious 6 pack, the biggest boobs, a thin waist or the biggest biceps. We see on the tv the same shaped girls and guys and we wonder why we don’t look like them. It was the same for the magazines and the movies. Use these 17 ways to gain full body confidence.

We where lead to believe that beautiful is defined as a certain body type and everything in between is ugly and unworthy.

These are the things I have genuinely realised and let sink in over the years to help me re-wire that conditioning of beauty and to allow myself to love and feel confident in my body.

  1. You are perfect as you are right now. You do not need fixing. You are perfect. Do not wait until you loose 2kg to feel confident. Do not wait until you get your eye brows tinted to feel beautiful. Believe that you are perfect right now.
  2. The scales do not define who you are, what you are or how you should feel. The scales shouldn’t be able to change your mood. They are only a measuring tool – nothing more, nothing less.
  3. Everyone has rolls. Everyone.
  4. Social media is a highlight reel and a photo shoot – not real life. If you are scrolling and an account makes you feel less beautiful, unfollow them until you know that you’re strong enough to not feel triggered when looking at them. Be ruthless with your unfollowing.
  5. No one is “perfect” – yet perfect in their own way.
  6. Only you are you. There is no one else like you. Show that to the world. Read this one again until it really sinks in.
  7. Take care of yourself. Take care of your sleep routine, your nutrition, your water in take, your exercise and your mind. Taking care of yourself allows you to naturally feel good in your skin.
  8. Don’t judge others – this is a direct reflection of your confidence. Look within. Here I wrote about the ins and outs of judging.
  9. There is more than one definition of beauty – that is every single person.
  10. Stay in your own lane. When we veer off our path – we start comparing again. Work on yourself and your goals. There is nothing more empowering and confidence building then achieving the goals you truly desire to achieve.
  11. Take note of that voice inside your head when you start comparing and understand that it is your ego talking – and the ego can be let go of.
  12. You are a 10/10. Feel into that. Close your eyes and feel into feeling like a 10. Feels good hey?
  13. When you aren’t feeling confident – roll your shoulders back and down, stand tall, look forward and smile. You will instantly feel more confident.
  14. Choose love over fear – in everything. In every thought and in every decision.
  15. Be authentically yourself and you’ll attract the right people.
  16. Educate yourself. The more we educate ourselves, the more confident we become. Since reading all different personal growth books I have come to discover my true self and able to embody it and confidently. Here I wrote about 6 books that have changed my life.
  17. Don’t depend on anyone to make you feel happiness or confidence. Don’t wait for someone to praise you and don’t expect people to make you feel happy. You have to feel it alone first.

With feeling confident it can be hard to reach and sometimes feel impossible. With always reminding yourself of these 17 points you can re-wire your thought process and feel into really loving your body and being confident in your skin.

I’d love to know what else you do to gain full body confidence?

Love & Peace
Teags Lee x

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