4 common fitness misconceptions

IMG_6349Have you ever said you didn’t want to lift weights because you don’t want to get ‘big’, or have you heard someone that has said this?
Or have you done 100 sit-ups and wondered why you don’t have a 6 pack yet?
Well don’t stress, you are not alone. We have probably all done this, so I am going to de-bunk these myths for you with a little bit of science behind it all.

Woman who lift heavy weights get bulky.
False – You won’t get bulky, its genetically impossible. Woman don’t have high enough testosterone and growth hormones to increase their lean muscle mass dramatically. More muscle means faster metabolism, which is able to burn more fat that’s around the body. Lifting weights increase your bone density, build your core strength & feels empowering AF, so get on it.

Lean muscles will turn to fat if you stop training.
False – Muscle simply can’t turn into fat. When you stop training your muscles loose their size. More muscle mass increases your metabolism which helps burn fat cells more efficiently so the reverse will happen when you decrease muscle mass.

You can spot reduce fat loss.
False – You can’t chose where your fat goes from, this comes down to your individual genetics. When you burn more energy than consumed, fat cells from all over your body will be used, depending on your body type. You unfortunately don’t get to decide where your fat cells go from.

Eating carbs make me fat.
False – No matter what you’re eating, if you consume more than you burn, you will gain weight. Simple.

What have you been guilty of saying?
What other fitness fads do you want more information on?

Leave any requests down below in the comments.

Peace & Happiness
Teags Lee x

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