my favourite essential oils.

Over the last couple of years I have been sharing my experience with the doTERRA essential oils. Here I am going to tell you a few of my favourites, why and how I use them.
doTERRA is a latin derivative meaning ‘Gift of the Earth’.

WHY – Revitalising, refreshing & a great pick me up.
HOW – Pop it in your water for your 3:30itis pick me up, rub it in your hands before a work out or pop it into the diffuser to lift the rooms energy up! Quick tip for those going through menopause, put a drop or two into a spray bottle full of water and use it too cool down those hot flushes.

Copaiba (not pictured)
WHY – It’s woody scent is very grounding, extremely calming and can help the nervous system relax. It can help calm a room and bring you from flight and flight back to rest and relaxation.
HOW – In the diffuser, or a drop in the mouth or into your drink bottle.

WHY – You know that warm lemon water theory, well I’ve been doing that for donkeys years and when travelling (overseas or fifo) this is the next best thing to fresh lemon. Get on it.
HOW – In your drink bottle, or add into cooking. It’s also really lovely in the diffuser with peppermint for a refreshing and clean air scent as well cleaning surfaces.

Ice Blue
WHY – Sore muscles. Enough said. This actually works. Comes in a rub too.
HOW – The oil can be applied straight onto the sore muscles as well as the rub. It doesn’t leave my gym bag/work bag.

WHY – Sore belly? Ate too much? Bloated?
HOW – A drop in a shot of water or rub it straight onto your belly to ease the discomfort. It does taste like Sambuca so be prepared of those times you used to drink it straight from the bottle giving yourself one hell of a hangover.

WHY – Need help sleeping? Or just relaxing in general?
HOW – Add a drop to your chest. Something to put into your hair oil. This is your best friend. A couple of drops in the bath before bed to help unwind. You can also put it into the diffuser to help calm the room down.

On Guard
WHY – Sick? Got a cold or you can feel it coming in hot?
HOW – Put a drop in your moisturiser or coconut oil and rub it onto your feet at night and you’ll start to feel better. Or your chest, where ever you’f like but the feet works best for me. On Guard also comes in cleaning products that I use to to clean he whole house.

WHY – They say, “when in doubt, use frankinscene’ and it’s so true. Its calming, grounding, great for your skin and so many other reasons. I mostly use it when I need calming down or brought back down to earth.
HOW – I rub a drop into my moisturiser to help me feel relaxed or calm. I also add it into the diffuser with lavender to bring the room into a peaceful state. During my meditations I rub a little bit onto the spot between my eyebrows to help me stay present in my meditations and my mind.

Lemongrass (not pictured)
WHY – Its cleansing, great for sore muscles (massages) and good for all your Asian cooking. It is also helps heighten your awareness due to its scent.
HOW – Add it to your coconut body massage/moisturiser. Use it in your cooking especially handy for traveling. Pop it into the diffuser too it’s delish!

Motivate (not pictured)
My favourite blend with out a doubt. It’s as uplifting as a cup of coffee. It’s refreshing, invigorating and also quiet calming. Love love love this blend!
HOW – I roll it on my wrists or behind my ears. I use it when ever I need to get stuck into some work (like this or at my job as a HLC) or even before a work out if I’m not quiet feeling it.

Those are my favourite oils and I use them all almost daily.

If you would like to get your hands on them, let me know. Send me a message, reach out, email or stop me in the street.

What are your favourite oils and why?

I would love to add some more to the collection!

Love Teags xx

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