struggling to BE in the PRESENT

The way the world is going, it’s getting harder and harder to actually be present in the present moment.
Phones beeping, phones calling, expectations are higher than ever and social standards are at an all time hight and our minds are always thinking of the next thing we have to do.

If you’re like me and most, we know how good we feel when we are actually enjoying the current moment. That feeling you get when hours have past and you haven’t looked at your phone, or the time and you just have forgotten about everything that you have to get done later or tomorrow or what we should have, could have done.

Let me help you move into this state.

Firstly, put your bloody phone on silent. Always. Turn the notifications off and just keep it that way. This is where all of our attention is going and it’s an absolute waste of time. I understand parents that have kids, so that can be a little different, but turn all the other notifications off. Set yourself some boundaries. I also understand business and other situations that require continuous contact, but just taking the notifications off on your socials would be an amazing start.

Force yourself to really listen to the person you’re spending time with. Put your phones away, and just be, just chat, and enjoy. Stop watching everyone walk past, make eye contact and enjoy your company.

Write your to do list. Get the most important things done first. Then hack away at the rest. Usually one task at a time works best. I know that is something I am always working on.

Meditate. I bang on about this (for good reasons) all the time. Meditation helps you think clearer – hence being able to be in the moment. I personally meditate 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. But you don’t have to start like this, 3 minutes is a great starting point. Headspace is a great app because you can choose the three minute option. Remembering that meditation works best practiced consistently. One session a week won’t solve your clarity, just as one cup cake a week won’t ruin your weight-loss.

Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. You know your goals, stay focused there. Stay in your lane and keep aiming higher.

Listen to your thoughts. Are they positive? Do you put yourself down? Do you compare yourself? If so, turn these all around to the positives. You’ll be able to focus more on what’s in front of you rather than your crazy thoughts. Be kind to yourself.

These 6 things are what I have adapted into my daily practices over the last few years and I notice straight away when I have one out of wack.

What do you find helps you stay in the present moment?

What one are you going to work the hardest on?
I’d love to know if any of them helped you.

Teags xx

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