be authentically yourself.

These days everyone is walking around doing what every one else is doing.
We all want what everyone else has?
We all do, act, be what everyone else is, does & has.

And for what?

Have we lost ourselves and who we really are and what actually makes us happy as an individual.
Scrolling your social media feed, feeding your mind with everyone elses goals and not your own.

And for what?

Social acceptance? Being part of the cool kids group? Scared of our own weirdness? Scared of being judged? Scared of not being ‘normal’?

I remember a time in primary school where I wanted to be like the other girls. Wear what the others where wearing. Do what the others where doing. Be like the others. Then in high school that all changed, I just did my own thing. I just realised it was much more fun/satisfying/easy to be myself.
I don’t really know why people are led to follow the trends and everything else. I guess it’s just fear of missing out or being different or not ‘enough’.

So how to be comfortable with being yourself and be authentically yourself?

Spend some time alone. Feel into what makes you happy. I do this through meditation. Sitting quietly and asking yourself what makes you happy. What gives you butterflies. What makes you smile uncontrollably. What is easy for you? What comes naturally?
Use this, this is what makes you happy. Be that and do that.

Now learn to say ‘no’ to everything that doesn’t align. And DO NOT feel bad about saying no. Stay on your path. Stay strong. The first few times you say no is hard, and you feel guilty. But the fourth and the fifth time feel invigorating and empowering. I promise.

Let go of your ego, let go of what you think you have to be and comparing yourself to the Joneses. Your ego is a judgement devil that has sat on your shoulder since you can’t even remember. Feeding you the rubbish you watch on tv, what you have watched others do and learnt in school. Your ego doesn’t do you any justice so stop letting it get in the way of your happiness.

Surround yourself with people that love you for who you are, accept you for who you are and encourage you to be everything you are.

Shine your shine.

Teags xx

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