Health Trends 2020

Teags Lee Veggie PatchUsually I am not on the band wagon for any ‘health trends’ because usually that is all it is. It’s trendy for a bit and then the seasons change.

These four health trends I believe are here to stay and evolve. I have been looking into some of these trends over the last three years and some a little less and I think that these trends might just be here to stay. They can all teach us a lot about ourselves and help us to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

Ayurvedic Science

Ayurveda originated in India and in Sanskrit, Ayurveda means ‘The Science of Life’. There are three constitutions of body types/energy principles: Pitta, Vata & Kapha. Each of us are made up of the three and usually (sometimes) predominately one. Ayurvedic science shows that we are all different and our constitution is required to be balanced to be able to live a healthy (mind + body), disease free + harmonious life. These three doshas (body/energy types) are balanced through nutrition, weather/seasons, work and family relationships, exercise type + routine.

I think that this way of healing is amazing because it treats the body as a complete individual and in a holistic approach. For example, Vata body types are usually dry and cold, so therefor living in a warm environment is favourable for balancing the Vata body types. These body types should also consume warm meals, keep a routine and stay well rested + in doing the opposite creates an imbalance in the mind + body.

It think that is is great to discover your dosha constitution to be able to treat  your body the way it would like to be treated. You just may learn something about yourself that you’d never even considered before.

Blue Zone Research

The Blue Zones have been labelled as the longest living regions of the world. There is research going into these regions to see what they have in common to be able to have some of the oldest people in the world.

There are five places labelled as a Blue Zone:
Okinawa, Japan
Sardinia, Italy
Nicoya, Costa Rica
Ikaria, Greece
Loma Linda, California

These five places have some common factors:

  • They eat prodominately a plant based diet.
  • They consume the right amount of food for their body.
  • They live active lives.
  • They spend time with family and community.

Research is always evolving, but these four factors we know will make us healthier and happier beings.

Environmentally Sustainable Skin Care

We are all learning that what we put onto our skin matters. As our skin can absorb chemicals, transfer it through our bodies and create imbalances and illness. The products that we use during our skin care regime today is equally as important as what you put into your body. We also know that natural products are not only better for our health, but they are better for the environment too.

Meat Alternatives

As a vego, it’s so great to see how many different meat alternatives there are in the supermarkets. It’s really nice to be able to go to a bbq with some veggie sausages. This isn’t where I tell you that you should never eat meat again –  I just think that we should consume less and at the very least be conscious of where it is coming from. There is a lot of research that shows us that diets high in animal products can create illness in the body. Trying out a meat alternative or replace your ‘protein’ with a plant based protein will do more good than harm. Give it a shot and let me know what you think of those veggie patties or a green curry with tofu?

What other trends do you think are around to stay? I’d love to know your thoughts and ideas on the future of our health.

Love & Peace
Teags Lee x

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