what to do when you’re not feeling motivated or inspired


Sometimes we feel so inspired, we are on such a mission and we feel so great achieving everything that we have set out to do. Life is just grand and you’re totally #goals.

Then other days we wonder what is life’s purpose and we wonder what is the point of even getting out of bed.

Trust me we have all been there.

The thing about motivation is that it will come and go. It’s natural.

Inspiration is similar but we can inspire ourselves to then motivate ourselves.

The thing is that you have to be active in creating your motivation through inspiring yourself. You can’t just wait for a big gush of wind to come and boom your “motivated”.

Don’t wait for the time to be right and inspire yourself now to get yourself back on to your goal wagon!

Here is how to re-motivate yourself & re-inspire yourself.

Manifestation Meditation.
Sit in front of your inspiration board or get a pen and paper out and write down all your goals – meditate on your goals and imagine yourself having already achieved it all. If that doesn’t motivate you then your dreams are probably not aligned or your dreams are crappy and not big and exciting enough.

Get outside.
Getting fresh air is so therapeutic to me, especially a long walk outside. All of that good energy and space allow you to think and more importantly think straight. The wind and the sun on your face bring so much energy to your body it’s hard not to feel inspired and motivated to go get things done.

Ask yourself, what you could do right now to make yourself happy?
And it’s not allowed to be anything to do with food or any substance. It has to be something you can do. For example, go for a swim, call a friend, go for a walk, write a chapter of your book, FaceTime your partner. Stopping everything that you’re currently doing and doing something that you know makes you happy brings through a form of motivation to help you stay on your happy track.

Stop consuming and create.
These days we consume potentially more than we create. If you wake up and instantly look at your phone, that’s consuming. During your day you should create before you consume if you want to feel inspired and motivated. When we wake up and start scrolling everyone’s highlight reel we feel crap straight away and that is how you’ve started your day. Try to create something, this leads into your flow state and that’s were your inspired and success comes from your natural flow state. Create more than you consume.


These are all really simple but once you put them into place you will┬ánotice that your motivation isn’t so touch and go and it flows more frequently.

I’d love to know what you do to keep yourself motivated and inspired? Let me know in the comments below.


Love & Peace
Teags Lee x

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