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Copaiba DoTERRA

There are so many reasons to use essential oils. They replace so many of our everyday uses and benefit us in so many ways for our health and happiness, for non-tox living and so many other reasons.

Whether you’re quick to pop a Panadol for a headache or you use some hectic cleaning products around the house, or use coffee like medication – I have a perfect solution for you to help live a little bit more healthier, toxin free and live a happier more vibrant life.

There is something very empowering about using mother nature as remedies to improve your wellbeing or simply to improve a recipe or the smell of your washing.

In todays world we are surrounded by a lot of toxic products which don’t do much good for our bodies. They mess up our hormones, skin, airways, brains and everything else you can think of. Using essential oils can help reduce the impacts and allow us to live a healthier life.

Here is a short list of what you can use your essential oils for:

  • Headaches (Lavender)
  • Hangovers
  • Sore Muscles (Ice Blue)
  • Cleaning the House: windows, floors, sinks, walls etc. (OnGuard and Lemon)
  • In the washing machine (Tea Tree or Lavender)
  • Create your own Dry Shampoo (Rosemary and Lavender)
  • Sleeping better (Lavender)
  • Setting the mood: sleep mode, motivating, calming, invigorating etc.
  • Pre-Work Out (Peppermint)
  • Stress/Anxiety Reliever (Copaiba, Lavender, Frankincense)
  • Mood Lifter (Balance or Motivate)
  • Make your own Perfume (Rose & Jasmine)
  • Car Air Freshener (Peppermint for those long drives)
  • Deepen your Meditation Practice (Frankincense)
  • Add to recipes
  • Support your digestion (DigestZen)

The list is endless but there’s a few to show how diverse the oils are.

DigestZen DoTERRAWhen I was first introduced to doTERRA essential oils I knew that I had to get my hands onto these ASAP and to introduce them to as many people as I could. If they could benefit me and my family, I knew they would be able to help others too.

These oils saved my family from returning to doctors and increased the health, happiness and improved the mood in everyone. If you want to listen to the whole story of when I first used essential oils head over to my friends Podcast – The McCaw Fit and Nourish.



If you would like to start using essential oils you can either contact me on Instagram (where I am most active) or if you’d like to get started right away and gain the benefits of having a doTERRA Membership, save yourself 25% off the RRP, gain access to our private Facebook Group where we share ideas and information in a like minded community as well as having me as your mentor to ask any of your oily questions – click here and follow the all prompts.

I can’t wait for you to experience the power of these botanical beauties for yourself.

I’d love to know what oils you use and love already as well as the oils you’d love to try.

Love & Peace
Teags Lee x



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