your subconscious mind is your reality.

It’s been a while since I have written (2 months in fact). I am partially sorry, but partially glad that I gave myself the space. I didn’t want to just push out content that wasn’t meaningful – that’s not what I am here about in the Teags Lee Community.

I am currently at work, sitting in bed while having a couple of pieces of Pico’s Vegan Hazelnut M*lk chocolate. It’s been a cooler day here today so I am also having a hot chocolate. So basically I’m having an absolute choc fest right now. It’s amazing.

The past couple of months have been quite eventful. I don’t like the word ‘busy‘ because it’s almost a trend to be busy. Like you’re someone if you’re busy. It’s a crappy word. There has just been a lot going on.

A quick update.

I moved mine site, 1.5 hours up the road – which was an event on its own. We are all still working in one communal open office area and to be frank – it’s driving everyone up the wall. Soon we will all have our separate offices back and be able to relax again. We are also flying now too, so I don’t have to do that 7 hour drive anymore. It’s been a win win moving mines.

I also moved house as the surf shack in Gracies sold. I moved up to sunny Yallingup which I am super stoked about. The place is absolutely beautiful, with loads of space and the coolest people.

Ziggy, my Kelpie x had knee surgery. Wow, I have never cried so much before. If you know me, you know that I don’t really cry. Something has to be really bad for me to shed a tear (something I am working on). Poor Ziggy was struggling a lot before and immediately after the surgery, it was so heart breaking to watch. He is almost better and ready to go get the surgery on his other leg. Yes he has to have the surgery on both legs. Terrible, but actually quite common. He will be ok, he is such a strong dog.

I had two weddings in two days. Which were out of this world. I am surrounded by some beautiful humans. Watching my bestie marry her soul mate was such a special day, I wish we could do it all over again.

I shaved a guys head for Worlds Greatest Shave at work. I don’t know who was more nervous; me or him. We raised some funds for those who have blood cancer which is really special that we can.

Some serious learning went on…


I went to an MJB Seminar which was intense and life changing. I don’t think I have the vocabulary to explain it. I did their Master Mind and Money course last year sometime and ended up signing up for their Relationships and You three day course. With a fair bit of resistance I might add. Growing is not easy. It was wild crazy good! It was basically three days of crying, working through your inner child and your inner most dominating thought. Tough stuff but so worth it on the fourth day. I also signed up for the Let it Go seminar in May so I am really looking forward to that! If you’re serious about your self development, spirituality and quantum physics – you will love it and expand from it.

Happy Easter!

Easter weekend was spent down south in Hopetoun celebrating a friends 40th. It was a well needed get away. We camped for four nights at the Beachside Caravan Park, which friends of our have just recently taken over and it was just amazing. It did rain a little bit but honestly I just had the best time being out camping. I really feel like camping just makes me reset. I just love travel in general. I took Ziggy even though he is on confinement, I just couldn’t leave him home. I want to get really good at travelling with him. I hiked Mount East Barron twice; once at sunrise and once at sunset – both amazing. I also enjoyed my daily morning meditations by the ocean and long beach strolls until my calves couldn’t handle any more.

Some more study…

I completed an Online Nutrition Course with Beck Health & Nutrition which I actually have to post off my assignment when I get back to civilization. I think it took about 3-5 months to complete in-between my work breaks and late at night. So hit me up with your nutrition questions and what not.

Cyclone Seroja…

Just over a week ago we had a cyclone come through the mine site I work at. It didn’t damage here at all really but it has done a lot of damage to the surrounding towns. They bused us off site on Sunday to get the site numbers low and put me into a hotel. I stayed at the Ingot Hotel which is actually super nice. Then on Tuesday they bused us back up to site and what is usually a 5 hour drive it took 9. There were roads closed due to trees having fallen down. Roofs and building were scattered across the roads. There wasn’t service in one town so we had to go back to fuel up at the previous town so we could pay for fuel. Basically it was hectic on the roads – but we got to site safely. There has been a lot of damage so I send my love to them who really need it right now.

Those are the main things that have happened in the last two months so I think you can see why I didn’t have the brain space to think of what to write. But I am feeling a wave of my usual inspiration coming back again so I am super excited about that.

So to the nitty gritty of this post…

In the last two month I have really been working on my inner most dominating thought of self worth. On the conscious level I value my self worth very highly. But subconsciously, I’m just not there yet.

I’m not perfect and I don’t want to aim for that unreachable expectation. Because I most definitely was.

And I thought that this would be good to talk about because I am having some revolutionary thoughts about where it is all coming from. So if you are also working on your self worth – we’re in this together.

Things from your childhood stay with you. They will stay there until we recognise it, work on it and move through it. And let me tell you, there are multiple things that happened in your childhood that are keeping you from growing and flourishing. But with some hard work, determination and a few tears – you can move past them.

Your unconscious mind creates your reality.

We can all put on a fa├žade but it’s really what is underneath it that creates our life. If you don’t think you’re worthy of the promotion, you won’t get it. If you don’t think you’re really worth a pay rise you won’t get it. If you don’t think you’ll find your soul mate, you won’t. If you don’t truly believe you deserve to have your dream body, you won’t. But these things are all possible with some work.

Never stop learning.

The day you stop learning is the day you stop living. We must continually learn to always better ourselves. Please note that you are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. Everything you are right now is everything that you should be. If we continue to learn, we can grow and continually flourish into the next level of our being.

Journal flipping.

I learnt this technique through a course I did with Kimberley Wenya (I don’t think she actually calls it this). She tells you to write down a limiting thought that you’re having and then to flip it for what you really want. So for example, “I feel like I am always going to be overweight” can be flipped to “I deserve to have my dream body and live the healthy lifestyle I want for myself”. Then you are to riff on that to really feel into those feelings of deserving that dream body. You end up in this state of happiness and belief which helps re-wire those thoughts.


If you can see everything through a lens of love, you’re going to have a pleasant life. For everything you’re using as an excuse for where you are can be either seen as a reason you can’t do something or you can use that as the motivation and internal compass to drive you.

Everything that has ever happened in your life all had a reason. Even the ‘bad’ stuff. It’s made you into the beautiful soul you are today. If you can see all those events through a lens of love – you’re going to be able to grow and achieve what you want.

I hope that you all have an amazing day, take one small action to create the life you want and see all events and experiences through love.

Love + Peace

Teags Lee xx

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