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Did you know that everything you know right now is something that someone has taught you. (Read that again if you need). Whether it was your parents, a teacher, a book, a newsletter, a professional, an article or just someone you sat next to on the plane. Everything you know is because you listened to someone.

Now it is up to you to decide what to do with those thoughts and information. You get to decide what you believe in. You decide on your morals and values. You decide what makes your heart happy. You’re allowed to change what you think about these thoughts and information. You decide where to look for the positives. You decide on how to feel about everything you hear.

It is all a choice of yours.

Sometimes we react because it’s the way we have been brought up. Sometimes we react the same way our parents or grandparents react. We sometimes react as our circle of friends would. Think about how you react/think/judge/respond. It is your honest response or did you borrow it from someone?


Everything that happens in our own life is a response of something we did. A response of how we reacted. We attract everything into our life.


A few tips – How to make your own decision without the influence of others and to change the way your current mind works. 

Think before you react/respond.
Take a moment to think about how you initially want to react and ask yourself WHY am I going to react like this. Think about where you borrowed that thought process from. Change it. Be kind in your reaction. Always choose kindness.

Be open minded.
Stop being so close minded. Stop having such a strong obnoxious opinion. When you open your mind, you learn more and gain mountains more. When you start opening your mind, you’ll start to realise everything you’ve been missing out on. Your world gets 1 trillion times bigger.

Let go of your god damn ego.
Really learn that everyone is equal. You are no better than anyone else. We are all the same. We all breathe the same air, wear the same skin and walk on the same planet. 

Change the words that are going over in your mind.
Be kind to yourself. Use kind words to yourself. Stop beating yourself up, you deserve as much happiness as the next.

See the positive in everything.
With everything that happens in the world there is a reaction. With every yin there is a yang. With every win there is a loss. With every loss there is a silver lining. Sometimes when there are multiple things crumbling around us, fight to see the silver lining it is waiting for your attention.

To create a better thought pattern, give these tips a go to change your mind process. It isn’t easy and it won’t happen over night but this is what has helped me in creating a positive outlook on life. This has helped me create the life I now have and the relationship I have with myself and others.

Seeking change is the first step. Consistent repetition is the final step. 


I would love to know if this resonates at all with you. What is something that you’d love to work on? Or what are some other tips that you have found to have helped you create a positive mind? The more tips the merrier.

Lots of Love
Teags Lee xx

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