26 Journal Prompts for your Meditation Practice

Once we have mediated, we generally get up and go on through our day. Totally forgetting what just happened. Generally a lot comes up during. Which we want to move past during the meditation but often in this stillness greatness comes through. 

What ever pops up after mediation can be life changing so we want to harness that, work through it and as always, work on being the healthiest, happiest and most abundant versions of ourselves.

Getting what is in your mind, to paper is one of the most helpful ways to see what is holding you back, to help move through emotion and to create your dream life.

Journalling doesn’t have to be daunting especially when you have the right prompts to get you to where you want to be. I hope these help you get the things you want, feel the feelings you crave and be the person you’re here to be.