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Have you noticed a change in your gratitude with everything going on in the world at the moment? Have you noticed that you were taking a lot for granted?

Those walks outside, your job, spending quality time with your loved ones? 
Those cafe date with all your girlfriends? BBQ’s with all the family? Beers at the pub with all your mates? Dancing at the club until 1am? Smashing out an amazing CrossFit work out in your favourite box? Going to your favourite Yoga Shala? Cuddles with friends and going shopping without worrying who has touched what?

I know I have most definitely found a new appreciation for life and feeling more grateful than ever. It’s so important that in these current circumstances, where ever we are in the world, we find appreciation for everything that we have. Rather than focusing on what we don’t have or what we can’t do or where we can’t go.

The thing is that the current restrictions have been put into place to help the world so we need to change our thoughts from “I’m stuck at home” to “I’m safe at home”.

We worry too much about the silly stuff, the stuff we have no control over. We worry about the past, which creates depression. We worry too much about the future, which builds anxiety within us. We only have right now, in this moment, so just BE here. Be present in the moment and find happiness with in each moment.

Take your thoughts to the present moment. Take your gaze to the present moment. Look around you and see what is around you. See that in this moment how special life is. Look at what you have in life. Make a decision to chase your version of happiness. Do what makes you sparkle inside. Get high on life.

If you aren’t fond of your current situation, there’s two things you can try;
– change it, or
– accept it 100% and move on.

I want everyone to feel high on their own life.
Do what makes you feel magically high.

You may be reading this and some of you may be thinking I just can’t think that way. There are so many things going wrong right now. There are so many things that are just crap right now. I just feel too anxious to feel happy right now. My current life just isn’t where I want it to be.
I understand. We are in this situation together. World wide.

I’m a practical person.
I wanted to know how people ‘are high on life’ and this is what I have found that has been working for me over the last few years – when I decided to get high on life.

  • Decide now that you are going to look for the silver lining in EVERYTHING. 
  • Decide now that you are going to stop complaining; out-loud & in your head.
  • Upon waking, immediately say three things you are grateful for.
  • Stop looking at your phone so much. Be strict with how long you spend on your phone and social media.
  • Stop looking at the ground, look up and as far into the distance, absorb your surroundings and appreciate it.
  • Smile more. Stop with resting bitch face, it’s not cool anymore. If you smile, people around you smile, it’s as contagious as yawning.
  • Decide that your phone will not distract you, ever. If you are talking to a friend and you phone beeps, IGNORE it. Better yet mute your notifications and for god sake do not allow notifications on your apple watch or what ever device is on your wrist. Its shortening our attention span and constantly taking us out of the present moment.
  • Start looking after yourself. Start eating well, start moving more & start taking care of your sleep routine.
  • Walk with intention. Shoulders back and down. 
  • Start saying ‘no’ to the things you actually don’t want to do. If the girl friends call you for a night out and you are have work early. Don’t go if you don’t want to. Remember you are the most important person in your life. Put yourself first.


I hope this helps anyone out there that is wanting to change their frame of mind and live a happier and more positive way.

What else do you do to stay present and high on life?

Sending you all good vibes.
Love & Peace
Teags xx

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