Have you wanted a coach that you trust and that you know has your best interest at heart to finally help you achieve your goals?

Have you been yo-yoing forever, trying every diet and feeling like nothing works?

Are you ready to really give it your all and live the abundantly healthy and happy life you have kept putting onto your resolutions list every single year?



I need someone to keep me accountable.

I can never stick to these ‘diets’.

I need someone who actually cares about all life aspects.

I want to be able to learn how to move better in the comfort of my own home.

I’m confused about what to eat, when and how much.

I feel like I’m never going to achieve my health goals.

I’m either happy and unhealthy, or super healthy and unhappy.

I want help and guidance to reach my goals finally.



A transformative 8 week COMPLETE HOLISTIC DEEP DIVE into your health and wellness goals because Health + Happiness DO Coexist!

I am opening limited spots for 1 on 1 coaching for this 8 week program to teach you the tools you need to actually achieve your goals.

Get on top of your sleep.

Find tools and learn about managing your stressors.

Create a good relationship with your nutrition and learn to fuel your body for vibrancy and energy.

Learn to move well and discover a love for movement.

Form and create healthy habits from a place of love.

Find happiness within yourself and in your life.



Start Date: Feb 1st

Price: $111

Enrollments Close: 25th January

What is included:

4 x 30 Minute Skype Calls + One 60 minute starter call. To get to know each other, sign the important stuff, fill me in on all your goals, desires, dreams, injuries, history and everything in-between. We will go over form and technique to ensure the best possible results. The calls allow you to have the accountability buddy you need to keep an eye on you to make sure everything for you is running smooth. It is common that things will come up and we will adapt as we go – but the aim of the game is to help you achieve your goals.

A Personlised Movement Program. This is created with your body in mind (injuries + mobility), the equipment you have (you don’t need any), your kinds of movement you enjoy (running, walking, weights, H.I.I.T, plyometrics, low intensity) and custom made to the goals you want to achieve. The program will be created to help you gain strength, flexibility and allow your body to move more freely.

24/7 Access to me via WhatsApp. When in doubt shoot me a message. You’re never alone on this journey and I have your back and your best interest at heart at all times. Whether it is a quick question about your form or whether that banana at 3:30pm is ok or not (fruit is always ok!). You will have complete support and motivation through the entire 8 weeks.

Weekly Master Classes + Homework. You can’t do the right thing with the wrong information. Education is key. You can’t be naïve when you know the truth. So each week you have a new lesson we go through and you have some weekly home work to do. Like I said, the program is a complete holistic approach, not just gym and food. Each week you will receive education and to-dos to hold you accountable and to form the habits you need to create this healthy and happy life you are after. 

Topics we will go over. Movement (exercise), nutrition, sleep, stress, mindfulness, meditation, routine, habits and what ever else comes up for you.

It is completely private, one on one coaching from a trained and certified exercise professional who has a real and complete holistic approach to health and fitness. It is all about you and your goals and what is holding you back from achieving your goals and pushing through them to create the feeling you desire.

This is not for you if; You want to be told exactly what to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner. 
This is not for you if; You want to spend 2 hours in the gym and starve yourself.

This IS FOR YOU if; you’re ready to take control of your life and start living with your healthiest self.
This IS FOR YOU if; you’re tired of feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

Enrolments are closing on the 25th Jan.

Complete the form below and we can get started working together. Click here to make the purchase.

I can’t wait to hear from you and help you step into your healthiest and happiest version of you!

Love + Peace 
Teags Lee xo


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