Geraldton 5 Week Reset

Community, Fun + Wellbeing

We are hitting the trifecta here!

It’s the perfect sandwich for achieving your goals. Surround your self with people who have the same goal,
Have a lot of fun,
And take care of your entire wellbeing.


What to expect?

Work Outs – Wild but for every one. Challenging but you are more than capable. Laughs. There will be laughs as serious as I am about your technique and improvements. Bring your best banter please.

Yoga – I teach a simple yoga accessible for all yogis. Whether you’re new or and old dog. It’s simple, full body invigorating with a touch of a cosy hug. Sprinkled with supportive essential oils and the sounds of the ocean. Sounds perfect hey?

There will be warm ups and cool downs for every work out. If you have any niggles let me know so I can help you and BRING YOUR BATHERS for post work out ocean dips.


Come along if you want to following results…

A calmer and clear mind. 

Something we are all searching for. Yet, never shown how to create this in our own minds. I have the secrets. I will show you.

A spacious body. 

Release tension is places you didn’t know you were holding all of your secrets. Relax your jaw. You were holding on there weren’t you? You aren’t alone.


Not feeling yourself? Slumping over? Forget all that, I’m giving you full permission to come and be yourself in your highest expression. And I give you even more permission to walk through the world like this too!

Promotion of self care and inspiration.

Certain yoga asanas bring clarity, show us our intuition and release energy that is holding us back. Need I say more?

Find your inner voice.

With all the distractions around us, we are lead far from our own intuition. Come home with us and hear yourself again.

Build body and mind strength.

Not only do we work on your muscle strength, you minds eye gets a work out too. A strong mind brings a strong life. We will work on your strength and cardio fitness – be prepared to become a bit of a weapon. :p

Lower anxiety and stress.

Connection to your breath is controlling the mind and body. I’ll give you all the secrets to control your nervous system. Trust me they are tried and tested by yours truly.

Come join the community. Increase your fitness. Learn what works best for your body! I can’t wait to see you!!