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If you have always wanted to start yoga, to deepen your connection to yourself and to the universe – this is your sign to get started.

We can go through life being so unaware of our own needs and desires – or we can live conscious, purposeful and intentional lives.

Yoga helps you create the space just for yourself and to really take care and tune into self. 

I help you increase the fire burning within your belly to increase your self inspiration and actualise your dream self.

If you’re at a point in your life where you just need to start a daily routine that suits your goals, book in for a consult and I can help get you on track.

If you want to increase your own inner motivation, self love and connection with the universe – let’s chat!


Start training with me

I teach a Traditional Hatha Tantric Yoga.
Easy to follow, well instructed and accessible for all.
The purpose of the yoga I teach is for personal transformation.
In our crazy every day lives, from past childhood experiences to something that was said to us which deeply impacts us, these tensions can get stored in our body, in our energy creating uncomfortable tightness in our muscles and joints, headaches and just overall stress in the body.
Worry, anxiety and stress all settle into our bodies until we take the time to tune in and remove it.

While we hold an asana and breath into it - you allow the shift to happen.
We create a strong mind, powerful body and reconnect into our soul.
We find our inner inspiration and energy to live a life full of health, happiness and success. If that sounds juicy to you - let's work together.




Your life of Yoga with

Teags Lee

Yoga that suit everyone
Qualified Hatha Tantric Yoga Teacher
Support and motivation

Train wherever you want with me

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If you are here and you want to implement yoga now, transform your life and live the life you dream, book in now for a personalised yoga program. Let me guide you into the life you wish to live.