Beach Yoga

There’s no better way to start your day than down at the Gerladton Foreshore in a flow of yoga, dipping into the ocean and then enjoying a cuppa and chat with an amazing community.

How to join?

Send me a message on Instagram to book your spot. 

Casual Classes $15
5 Class Pass $65 
10 Class Pass $100

Card + Cash Available for Payment.


Join now – Send me a DM on Instagram to book!

What to expect

I teach an invigorating flow to help gently wake the body, increase your agni (inner energy) and bring peace to your mind. We always start with a guided pranayama before moving into a well explained flow before hitting our savanana (meditation pose). The practice is for men and women of all ages. 

Then, if you’d like..

We go straight in for a dip into the ocean. The cold therapy to the muscles and joins is great for any inflammation. Plus we all know about the healing benefits of the ocean, so wear your togs under your yoga kit.

Then if you have time, join for a sip and chat while we grab a cuppa and chat life or any questions you’d like.

Results From Yoga

A calmer and clear mind. 

Something we are all searching for. Yet, never shown how to create this in our own minds.

A spacious body. 

Release tension. A relaxed eye brow and shoulders. Notice you just had tension in those two places? You aren’t alone.

Promotion of self care and inspiration.

In a world where you feel lack of your own creativity, desire to self care – here we come from within and find it to thrive in it.

Find your inner voice.

With all the distractions around us, we are lead far from our own intuition. Come home with us and hear yourself again.

Build body and mind strength.

Not only do we work on your muscle strength, you minds eye gets a work out too. A strong mind brings a strong life.

Lower anxiety and stress.

We either experience this ourselves or know someone who does. Taking the time to ourselves, controlling our breath and expanding our mind will all assist the nervous system to calm down and reset.

Come and learn how to live more peacefully, without tension in the body and amongst a beautiful community of people.