Are you ready to commit to yourself and the dream life you want to live?

Are you just so sick of feeling tired, lackluster, bored, lethargic and ready to start feeling light, enthusiastic and excited about your life again?

It all starts within. All of it. Whether it’s in your gut, heart or brain – we need to take care of all three to really achieve what we want in life.

If you’ve been fluctuating in weight, unhappy in your last three jobs, still wanting to get from couch to 5km, still terrified of the gym, walking around with those negative thoughts about your body and yet still going home to eat emotionally to reach for those endorphins you’re craving?

If it’s all sounding familiar – don’t feel bad. Most of us have been there and mostly more than once.

I am here to pick you up, guide you down the path you actually want to be on, provide you the knowledge you need to get your butt on that path and stay there while providing you a safe place to grow.

Mostly, we need an accountability buddy. We need some one to hold us to our word of our goals. If we don’t tell anyone – then it won’t matter if we don’t achieve it. Sounding familiar?

Together, we work on you achieving your goals, working on the right tools and habits to build this lifestyle for you.

This is for you if…

You want to start implementing yoga and workouts to build your strength, connection to self and remove tension from your body.

You want to be able to know what to make for your meals rather than expecting a meal plan and making it easy.