1:1 Wellness Coaching

Let your goals become reality.

Dream Body – Dream Mindset – Dream Life

Are you READY?!

Are you ready to commit wholeheartedly to you?!

To finally invest in your health and create the life YOU desire?

Conquer your limited mindset, 

Move for physical transformation and happiness 

And completely overhaul your health?

If you’re sick of your excuses and the inability to stay focused.. It’s time to work together and live that life you want to embody.

Don’t start wasting the next hour pondering if you should or not, just book in before you sell yourself another excuse. My heart will hold yours until you reach your goals. And then you will have all the skills to maintain this lifestyle!

This is for you...

If you’re in a time of your life where you just want things to feel better and look better, but you just feel stuck, lost and alone…

If you’re ready to give it your all, invest in yourself and really dive deep to improving all aspects of your life

If you’ve had enough of your excuses and you need the accountability…

If you need a complete reset, from your pantry to your mindset…

You’re ready to embody the person you want to become…

You’re ready to let go of the stories you have been telling yourself…

You want to create healthy lifestyle habits that serve you for your highest good…

You’re ready to create a fitness routine that you love and that is maintainable…

You want to learn about nutrition and have a healthy relationship with food…

You’re ready to invest in yourself, commit wholeheartedly and really start showing up for you…


What is included in our 1-1 Coaching

Personalised Workout Programming – specific to your goals; weight loss, weight gain, muscle increase 

Personalised Yoga Flow including Meditation and Pranayama,

Weekly Quickie Coach Catch Up Calls (20 mins)

Weekly Check Ins to track your progress; body, mind and soul,

Weekly Videos + PDF’s for you to grow your knowledge, expand your mind and to keep forever,

Specific Journal Prompts to help create your dream life, re-wire your thoughts and to continue growing,

Access to the Private Facebook Group of the community of others in coaching

Full access to my personal phone number via Whatsapp.


3 Months Coaching

A complete wellness transformation
$ 1800 One off payment
  • Complete Wellness Reset
  • Re-Wire your Mindset
  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Reach all of your wellness goals

6 Months Coaching

This is for the seriously big goals and transformations
$ 3120 One off payment
  • Complete Wellness Reset
  • Re-Wire your Mindset
  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Reach all of your wellness goals